Zinedine Zidane Looks Embarrassed As Ronaldo Walks Out Of Presser – Rio ‘Comes From Desire To Win’

Credit : BT Sport
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  1. Zidane looks proud and mighty pleased because he knows the reporter did him and all of Real Madrid a favor – by pissing off Cristiano Ronaldo.

  2. What the heck is Mr mouth askew talking about? Zidane was having a blast and congrats for reediting the mistake to the title

  3. Suarez hasn't scored in the last 20 CL away games but no one's gonna ask him.

    Question the best, get beaten like the rest. CR7 GOAT

  4. Zidane looked amused. I hate when English people tell me how to feel. They talk so much I think they believe their own bullshit 🙂

  5. Zindine was smiling cause ronaldo''' roasted the reporter Ronaldo "who's better than me"?reporter . ……. Ronaldo exactly no one

  6. That's what unwavering belief in yourself looks like so 'vaffanculo' and your ridiculous question. And speak Italian, I'm in Italy now. Zidane are you with him in Juventus this October? Love you both.

  7. Interesting interview-Hard to say if ZZ was irritated?But as much as I appreciate&respect the enormous Talent&achievements of Ronaldo.CR7(How could u Not!)He does seem oblivious to anyone else around him&the other Players in his Team..His sole purpose&motivation in his football life is for himself&not really his Team mate's..And like it or not,Football is about a Team,not an individual..If the world evolved around one person(Ronaldo or Messi,Ronaldo,Ronaldino,Ruud Gullit,Marco Van Bastein,Lothar Mattius and the list goes on)Then that one individual could tell his coach"Look boss,just stick me out on my own for the first half&I will take care of business,then maybe u can send the others out in the 2nd half to give me some assistance".But I have yet 2c it done!…So that was a bit of an extreme Example admittedly,but u can't build or focus the Team around one Player&make the others players bit part,support characters because the flaw in that plan is,what if ur main Superstar gets injured?Then what!..It's not easy to implement that plan B..Assuming u have one!


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