hey y’all, in todays video I discuss the youtuber Shallon Lester and her problematic content that is extremely harmful to impressionable people & people’s mental health. I do so by explaining the shadey ways her channel has gained its success and by reacting to some of her shocking videos.

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  1. 24:20 hit me hard. We lost someone like that. Wish they’d spoken. Thank you for this.
    I was her subscriber and REALLY thought she made good points even if she came across as bitter and biased sometimes. She really is VERY believable.

  2. Kat Hewett wrote a great comment:
    I think we have to remember to be kind. In light of what happened to Caroline Flack recently I think people need to be really careful how they talk about people online. All this ‘exposing’ and ‘shaming’ and saying someone is cancelled can be massively damaging to that persons mental health when you have thousands of people saying that online about you. I think Shallon has some really good points but she’s obviously also said some really stupid stuff. if you think what’s she’s saying is hateful and negative, don’t fight it with more negativity! 💙 we as an online community have to be so careful because social media doesn’t need another death on its hands.

  3. The stuff she said about Pete Davidson made me so upset when I heard it… I’ve never been to rehab but I’ve been in the hospital for my bipolar disorder and I must say that is one of the lowest moments in a person’s life. No one is like well I’m just gonna go to rehab and/or the hospital to scam people out of drugs just for fun.i might be wrong but for me going to the hospital was the lowest point of my life

  4. She's so deluded. It's like she's grasping for straws just to stay relevant. And the gaslighting comes as no surprise. I knew girls like her in high school. The type that thinks they know EVERYTHING and has an answer for EVERYTHING. She's nothing but a washed up ex editor for star magazine, a bully and a clown.

  5. I have definitely watched her casually, as she did seem to pop up all of the sudden. I was actually wondering about her credentials as a psychologist, but apparently she doesn't have any? That seems harmful.

  6. I literally love you.

    Always asked myself how she could get away with that video where she says selena is into heroin. I MEAN, she would be dead already if it was true

  7. I watched her for about two weeks and I was definitely subscribed because she was entertaining and captivating as hell but I’ll be honest, I completely went against my better judgement because I felt like I knew there was something really malicious about her. I got so many feelings that she lies about a lot of things, even small things and I just felt like I needed to let her go.

  8. you analyzed his so well, damn. I had all his fellings abou t her videos but could never put it in words like you, props!

  9. one of her stories that no one talks about is the video she made about george clooney and leonardo dicaprio. she literally said in the video “i made out with one of them”.

  10. Amazing video. One thing D'Angelo (hope I spelled that write) said in his 2nd video is she's lying about her age. She's actually 39 so when she fantasizing about Justin, he was 15 & she was 29!

    Also thanks for the warning regarding triggering.
    I have Borderline & Shallon's video triggered me horribly! 😢 She knows NOTHING about Borderline! 😢 I was a fan but now I'm embarressed that I used to like Shallon!

  11. She si the type of psycho to scratch her exes car, trash his apartment, send horrible texts to his boss, etc….Imagine the stories her exes and F–K buddies have to tell……

  12. Out of the people she’s done this to, the one that makes me the angriest is how she speaks about Megan. The media constantly made up shit about her, calling her “Straight Outta Compton” because she’s black, being told she’s “holding her baby belly too much” when Kate did THE SAME and being painted as a manipulative outsider simply because she’s different is probably one of the prime reasons she left.

  13. This is a prime example of how slanderous tabloids and TMZ are and how archaiac they have become. Now that this has transitioned to YouTube it’s clearer that this behavior isn’t okay because we’re seeing these headlines in real time on a platform where what Shallon does is clearly against guidelines.

  14. She lies about everything including her age. She’s between 39-40 years old. She’s also a racist and a cougar. How do I know? Unfortunately, we run in the same circles.

  15. “Something bad happened in that house” yeah his dad left for work one day and was murdered in the biggest terrorist attack in modern fucking history!

  16. haven't watched your video yet but i'm so glad people are talking about her. i watched some of her videos back when she hadn't blown up yet, and at first she seemed like a funny woman with a sharp tongue. but the more i watched the clearer it got that she just spits out whatever comes to her head and thinks she's better than everyone else. plus she's teaching her young female viewers to hate everyone around them. she is the mean girl.

  17. The fact that she compares Ellen to Hitler makes me sick. Obviously, Ellen is not the nicest person, but Hitler is on a whole other level. Also, psychiatrists cannot agree on the types of mental illnesses of Hitler (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and psychopathy) or if he had any at all.
    This is on Wikipedia y'all

  18. I still can't get over that she has this obsession with studying psychopaths and the like while straight up looking like a copy of Karla Homolka

  19. She’s so hypocritical- like I noticed in one of her videos she said don’t use phrases like LOL or LMAO in texts but then in another one literally said IRL when she was talking 😱😭

  20. Are you a mad swifty? How you know she doesnt know those celebrities? How you know she didnt Made Out with Harry Styles. Right. You dont. You assume.

  21. As someone with BPD, the way she talks about us makes me sick. She has no right to be out here feeding into harmful stereotypes, spreading misinformation or theorising about what happened to anyone. She doesn't know and it's none of her business. For someone that claims to be "super interested" in mental health, she's incredibly disrespectful.

  22. I’m so confused with everyone saying Shallon is 35. I had looked up her age several months ago and she was 39 almost 40… I thought I lost my mind. Did shallon change her age on the internet? There’s no way she’s only 35…?

  23. The thing about Shallon is; she’s an aging woman who’s probably craved attention her entire life. Im sure she wanted to be famous when she was younger but didn’t have the talent/“looks” to get that fame. Therefore, she started working for tabloids. Now, she has a platform to bring her that attention she’s always wanted. She’ll do and say anything to get that attention. Whether it’s bad attention or not. This is what she wants. Her name coming out of peoples mouths. It’s actually really pathetic and sad if you think about it.

  24. Yea shallon is really insensitive in a lot of her videos but to be honest I find It refreshing that there is someone who talks about things more critical. Not like the most magazines. Although putting the people down or hating is unnecessary from her. She seems too emotionally invested. And yea ofc she is making assumptions about the people, but I don’t see it as a bad thing, I see it more like that she is showing us that celebrities are also just human beings and their life is not perfect, like it always seems. I think more people should talk more openly and free like she does. It should just be less in a judging emotional way but more in a speculative way. Just my opinion to that.

  25. Maybe she is going crazy because of the quarantine, but I studied psychology and everything she says psychology wise is wrong. I do not think that anyone sane could follow her. in an era of acceptance, her views are extremely antiquated


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