Back in 2002, Ronaldo Luiz Nazario da Lima won the FIFA World Cup with Brazil, and even ended up top scorer of the tournament. He was on a roll, scoring 8 goals, including a brace against Oliver Kahn’s Germany in Final.

During this edition, the Brazilian legend stood out almost as much for his talent… as for his strange HAIRDO. But what possessed R9 to try this very weird haircut?


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  1. in this video at 1:23 Pele holds a kid with the same hairstyle. Coincidence? dont know

  2. actually there is a different story to this: his son told him everytime he watches brazil play he cant tell apart which one was Ronaldo,coz most of the brazilian players had shaved hair so he shaved it the way he did so that his son could recognise him

  3. Its really not because of that, its because he wanted to be distinguishable from the other brazilians because most of them were bald at the time, or that is what i heard

  4. Dude, tell us about the haircut not about injuries,joining other clubs and people following hairstyle u always do that

  5. Personally my favourite player of all time. It’s a shame for the injuries but still fought and came back stronger 💪

  6. The weirdest haircut of all time is Ronaldo’s haircut in the 2002 World Cup and also the children with his haircut are happy but Ronaldo feels very bad when he see’s a child with his hairdo


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