Who needs Ronaldo, eh? The most important goals in his time in Real Madrid! Look at his greatest moments in the Royal Whites and why they will miss him for years to come.

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  1. I am a Barca fan. When Ronaldo left, I was glad because Barca could win el Classico easily and be the top team in La Liga. Now, I miss him because because he makes the game competitive and entertaining. I hate Real Madrid managers for letting him go and did nothing about that.

  2. A country without a leader is one without hope that is what Real Madrid are and they say not one man is bigger than the club.He isn't just a one man, he was their absolute idol and commander.

  3. People expect CR7 to score in every single game he makes just because he has an average of over 1 goal per game (referring to his time @ RM only) but what most fail to realize is that, out of the 438 games he played for RM, he scored in "only" 274 games: a total of 450 goals, which is why the average is just a tad bit over 1 goal per game. Still, that's 164 games he didn't score in, and that's more than FOUR YEARS worth of league games.
    While playing for RM, CR7 scored in 62.6% of all the games he played for RM and NOBODY has had a percentage of games scored in VS games played that high, INCLUDING Messi (who had 60.9% while CR7 played for RM): not in recent times anyways.

    Inspired by this vídeo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKC4yWUQ9qA , i decided to check how many league games it took CR7 to reach 100 goals, and since he has 300 league goals, i counted those 100 goals increments too (stats taken from www.transfermarkt.com ):

    – It took CR7 92 league games to score 100 goals for RM: achieved in game RM – Real Sociedad, Mar 24 2012.
    – It took CR7 87 league games more to score another 100 goals for RM and reach 200 league goals: achieved in game RM – Celta Vigo, Dec 6 2014. Since league goals #100 and #101 both came in the same game, this game was counted twice: once for the 1st 100 league goals and another for the next 100 league goals.
    – It took CR7 108 league games to score 100 goals more for RM and reach 300 league goals: achieved in game RM – Getafe, Mar 3 2018.

    His 3rd 100 league goals increment was his worst but, even with that, it took CR7 only 286 league games to score 300 league goals.

    I did the same for the UCL but in increments of 25, instead of 100, for obvious reasons. Because CR7 started his UCL “career” while in MU, that’s where i’ll start counting his games and goals. Note that only UCL goals will be counted and that means no UCL qualifying goals / games nor Europa League goals / games.

    – It took CR7 63 UCL games to score 25 goals: achieved in game Ajax – RM, Nov 23 2010.
    – It took CR7 28 UCL games to score another 25 goals: achieved in game Borussia Dortmund – RM, Apr 24 2013.
    – It took CR7 19 UCL games to score another 25 goals: achieved in game RM – Shalke 04, Mar 10 2015.
    – It took CR7 26 UCL games to score another 25 goals: achieved in game RM – Bayern Munich, Apr 18 2017.
    – It took CR7 24 UCL games to score another 25 goals: achieved in game Ajax – Juventus, Apr 10 2019.

    CR7 scored his 1st UCL goal in game #27 and scored his 100th in game #136: that's a total of 110 UCL games to score 100 goals. It's true that Messi has a better overall UCL goal ratio but, if you count the number of games elapsed between the game they scored their 1st UCL goal and their 100th UCL goal, CR7 took significantly less games, and because CR7 reached 105 UCL goals with RM alone, i checked how many UCL games it took him to reach 100 goals for RM and it took him just 94 games: achieved in game RM – PSG, Feb 14 2018.

    And RM though a player of this caliber could be replaced … right …

  4. Он был Каролем РЕАЛА, ни то что выграт эту команду, все боялис когда играл здесь Португалис!

  5. Here's a fan fact for you younger cr7 and messi fans, did you know that even with all the greats that played the game that back then if a player had 15 to 20 goals in a single season it was considered a brilliant fete? You guys have no idea the level these two true Gods of the game elevated the fucking game! 30, 40, 50 goal seasons, loads of assist and doing it for more than a decade these are not mere men, these are God's of the game!!! Respect them both while we still can


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