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  1. I don't like him. He is not helpful and he is very stingy. He dont like to help those lower rank players he only think of himself and don't care about the lower rank players who really needs help

  2. Watched this one live at the time. That blueshirt dude in Thiem's box, he said something to Wawrinka and Wawrinka did not like it and had a go at him for a short while. I guess it was in the 2nd set. It broke Stan's rhythm after that. But Domi played a great match nevertheless.

  3. Best thing about Thiem is that he plays his attacking tennis against every single opponent . No other player does that against any of the big 3

  4. He is beast in clay court
    He has very good forehand and backhand mainthing he has good defence like top3
    He is Future generation legend for sure

  5. Such a strange clay season for wawrinka that time, winning monte carlo and the lost his form and lost in the first round of RG that year.


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