To celebrate the start of the season, we’re looking at every boot you could consider from the major brands for the start of the season. They’re all listed below..

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In this video we have the boots worn by Ronaldo, the ones he’ll wear for the start of the season and even a look at a pair that perhaps he should have worn! We also look at new boots for Salah, Pogba, Messi and all the new season adidas Hard Wired boots, the Nike New Lights pack including kids versions of the 2019/20 season boots. A crazy big unboxing of its own, with new drops and some very special, special editions!

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We have Ronaldo’s CR7 Shuai thanks to Boot Collector, check him out on Instagram:

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  2. Can I have the soccer shoes, I want to play soccer, but I don't have soccer shoes, I'm 13 years old, my country is in Indonesia

  3. Gente se inscreve no meu canal para ajudar essas crianças que têm um sonho de se tornar um jogador profissional ❤️❤️

  4. Ronaldo plays soccer very very very well and he has wrong personality but Messi has the best personality and he plays soccer very very very well so Messy is the best player

  5. Why do I think adidas should change their logo to just two stripes for simplicity. I don't only like Nike for their light products but their simple logo that is not everywhere when I'm rocking their products. This might be same for some customers giving Nike a competitive advantage over Adidas in the market.


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