Dear Cristiano Ronaldo,
Thank You is too small, goodbye is too harsh. I am grateful to God that I was able to witness your legacy at Real Madrid. This club was once drowning, their Arc Rivals Fc Barcelona were on their peak, a new talent, Lionel Messi was growing, greats like Ronaldinho, Xavi, Puyol were at their peak, sweeping every trophy, claiming every award, leading over Madrid, one way or another. Then one special day, July 1st 2009, Real Madrid signed a young lad from Manchester, who was conquering every battle he fought for. When you stepped in Santiago Bernabeu, and shouted “Uno Dos Tress… Hala Madridd!” For every madridsta to be proud of our badge again. Who knew a kid from Madeira was going to create history. You gave us pride, you gave us glory. I’m glad I woke up at midnight to see you play, I’m glad I could roam around with pride after you scored, I’m glad I had your matches to look forward to which made my life worthwhile. You’ve gave this club 9 memorable years. You’ve created a chapter in footballs history, the world will adore. I can not believe I will never see you in the beautiful white jersey again with the Madrid badge next to your heart. I will never see you run towards the crowd in Santiago Bernabeu with our players chasing you with pride. I will never see you lift a trophy with triumph and elegance in a Madrid Jersey again. Man Ronaldo, that escalated quickly. We are sorry from the managements side who didn’t treat you like we should have, you are indeed someone we needed, but didn’t deserve. As I wipe these tears down my cheeks, I wish you the greatest where ever you go my king. Climb every mountain, conquer every peak. Engrave your name where ever you go. I will get over this headache, this fever, this shivering and these tears, but I won’t get over the fact that Real Madrid will not have the greatest player in the history anymore. Thank you for everything. And yeah, as you said in your farewell letter, “Just like 9 years ago when I first set foot inside our stadium: Hala Madrid!” Our grass, our stadium, our badge, our trophies, our walls will echo your name.
We will miss you Cristiano
I will miss you.

Song 🎵 Joel Adams – Please Don’t Go


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  1. 10 months back he left
    Whatever happens for good happens:-
    Real Madrid fans got a lesson of booing him and Juventus fans and players who once hated now love him the most.

  2. This all happened when Madrid president denied to pay ronaldo high salary as same as neymar and messi…but ronaldo deserved this cos he is the only one who lift madrid

  3. Ungrateful fans, booing him for missing every single shot attempt he couldn’t convert each game. Now look at your club! 😎


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