The absolute best player to have in your team, don’t hesitate, but World Best Cristiano Ronaldo!

Game: Fifa Online 3

Video Language: English

Player: WB Cristiano Ronaldo

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Music: Tobu – Candyland [NCS Release]


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  1. Hey bro may i ask u 1 questions and hope you can replying me asap,is it worth it im using this guy in legends team color? Even he only get masters in team color is he still worth it?

  2. Hey Double Pebble, I watch all of your videos, I'm looking for a striker within 3b budget (should be in premium colour), I like to play lob and through pass style.

  3. DP please review ultimate best maradona…I wanna know is that version of him is still the dribbler's dribbler or not

  4. mcb again and again CR, x bosan ke.. CR tu jack of all trades, semua pun bagus… please la, this review of CR is same as all other review of CR.. DP said so many times in all other video already, damn people here so stubborn

  5. for me cr is good at cf and i also have him +2 and hes really good… btw nice vids mann!! good review!! thumbs up to you!!

  6. Will you be doing more coverage on FO4? It has been fully released in Korea and the player database is out. I would like to have your opinion on which stats to look out for

  7. when i have no big players i have one player tots ronaldo …u dnt belive bro time after time match after match he won me matches single handedly i feel a emotional attachment with him whenever i need goal he just score . i hope he will score on 27th #halamadrid

  8. What the perfect striker with upgraded grade ? I' using Werner s17 plus 8 kinda not good do u have any good in mind ?


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