War Robots – A crazy WEAPON MULTIPLIER Dream Hangar from “Singh” scoring over 6.2 million and a RED LIGHT, YELLOW LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT hangar from “Kayne Tominaga” – WR Max Gameplay

Music provided by Monstercat
Overdrive by Protostar feat. Emma McGann

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Butch Firing NON-STOP Snowballs:
Falcon With Glacier Weapons Vs Titans:

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  1. Thank you “Singh” and “Kayne Tominaga” for your Dream Hangars!
    Make sure to check out my other Dream Hangar videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEphS-5-fynU3qiMyqG0ASArWpuqMEBz0

  2. I'm not fan of this hangar because all your robot setups there would be so useless without your upgraded last stand modules

  3. Adrian I have a hangar called the spider
    Weyland glacier
    Rajin avenger
    Rayker thunder and Halo
    Fujin sinister pulsar
    Archanid invader pulsar and shreder
    Ao ming machine gun

  4. M8 i have an intresting hangar for ya, a realistic one!

    Galahad: Sting And wasp, last stand, death mark and NO daredevil.
    Lancelot: Leo, Thunder, gust, battle born and shield breaker.
    T-falcon: Avalanche, (trident on back) Heavy Battle born, last stand and death mark.
    Doc: Wasp, Orkan, Advanced repair unit, Last stand.
    Leo, Sting (on top) Gust x2 (on sides) and Kang dae, last stand, REGULAR repair unit.

  5. The FBI robot squad
    Blitz with 4 rimes
    Behemoth with 4 redeemers
    Leech with 4 storms
    Spectre with 4 atomizer
    Ao Ming with vengeance and retaliator
    Last one is your choice but it needs to have 4 weapons

  6. my dream hanger
    Name: kitchen sink
    Fenrir: Ember corona
    Kumiho: storm
    Invader: blaze igniter
    Au jun: calamity
    Tyr: hussar markess
    Whatever modules and pilot skills you think are best
    Titan: au Ming with cinetic machine guns

  7. Dream Hanger: My Hangar!
    Phantom – Storm/Pinatas
    Falcon – Ember and 2x Sinister Glacier
    Tyr – Pulsar / Marquess
    Nightingale – Scourge /Spark
    Nemesis – Taran and Igniter
    And any Titan you like.
    I am curious how my current hangar would work at max level.
    Thanks Bro! Love the videos. Duke316 – iOS CL

  8. This is my dream hanger .Shield Tripple threat:
    Thank you for this weeks dream hanger

  9. Hey Adrian, if you are reading this, I need some advice. To all others, please do share your opinion!
    I'm a level 21, and I'm really struggling with this workshop feature. What should I order parts for first?
    Currently, I'm just building a Fenrir, but I'm not so sure if that's the right choice. Please tell in the comments what should I prioritise first.
    I currently have:
    1. Natasha (Lv 6)
    Nashorn (Lv 5)
    Nashorn (Lv 5)
    Gekko (Lv 6)
    Gekko (Lv 5)

    2. Fujin (Lv 5)
    Default weapons (3x Tulumbas all lv 5)

    3. Leo (Lv 6)
    3x Pinata (Lv 5)
    Thunder (Lv 5)

    4. Gareth (Lv 6)
    Punisher (Lv 6)
    Punisher T (Lv 5)

    [I have only 4 bot slots]
    I also have a lv 5 stalker, but I don't find it useful. Gareth is fast, has good health and more firepower so I prefer it over Stalker.
    If anyone has any advice for any different builds on any of the bots, pls feel free to discuss!

  10. Had to unsubscribe. No interest in the BR account vids and it's most of what you make these days. Leave the silver for real players on real accounts please. Good luck.

  11. Dream Hanger:
    Raven:Storm halo
    Nemesis: Cryo
    Ao Jun : Viper
    Cerberus: Ember igniter
    Behemoth: Glaciers
    Ao Ming: Vengeance Retaliator

  12. Dream Hangar: Old School

    Griffin Death Button
    Lancelot with Ancile and Taran
    Griffin RDB
    Carnage Thunder
    Galahad Taran-Magnum
    Titan: Arthur with Machine Gun setup

  13. My dream hanger:”stopping power”
    >Ao jun-glory
    >Tyr-carona halo
    your choice of titan and weapons 🙂

  14. Hey Adrian, I always like to do deal a lot of damage and play the game abit more exciting like this here. My current hangar is TFalcon Glory, Ares PulsarMarquess, Mender/Invader ScourgeShredder, AoJun Avengers, and lastly, Mercury EmberHaloEcu. I stopped playing for quite while, so I don’t even have much comps saved up for Leech or Phantom.

    What changes would you make first? Or what would you get in workshop 1st and 2nd?

  15. And the cost of that dream hanger is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ a lot of money that pixonic wants you to spend unless it's a test server or you really Really really Really suck up to pixonic making videos and trying to convince people that pixonic is a cool game GUYS DONT SPEND MONEY ON A FREE GAME. or is it FREE ? A GAME THAT MAKES YOU SPEND MONEY ISN'T FREE. PAY TO WIN GAME

  16. My dream hangar:heavly protected
    Galahad:punisher/punisher T

    P.S,apologies for my misspelling👍

  17. Dream hanger – let's see if free worth or not. (idea is to use all free items you get when you buy a robot. Weapons & modules)

    Ao Jun
    Kid Titan.

  18. Dream hanger is called: delet Button
    Thermite behemouth
    Vortex spectre
    Vortex aphid raven
    Aphid ao qin
    Orcan gust mender or Phantom
    Titan: machine/Rocket kid

  19. Could you try my hangar too ?
    "My Nerfed Hangar"
    Phantom : corona halos
    T falcon : glory
    Ao Jun : Avengers
    Fenrir : storms avenger
    Cerberus : scourges calamity (2x fortifiers).
    For the video that shows the heavy weapons power for a real.. 6,2M is real.. And I wanna say thank you for the giveaway, I got the reward .. Thanks a lot . GBU

  20. Dream Hanger: "The Return of the Nightmare "
    Gust Stalker;
    Thunderstorm Boa (shotguns);
    Taran Fujin (Fortifier);
    Plasma Lancelot (taran; redemer)
    Molot Criffin (lockdown ammo);
    pc: If you don't have Boa us Vityaz (Avenger; punisher). The Titan is a free choice but please do not use it too much.

  21. My Dream hanger:

    Fenrir 2x Atomizer, 1x Viper
    Phantom: 2x Blaze, 1x Storm
    Ares: 2x Shredder, 2x Scourge
    T-Falcon: 1x Thunder
    Tyr: 2x Storms, 2x Blaze

    Titan: Ao Ming, Rocket Setup (Show Those Arthurs Who’s Boss)

  22. Second attempt.

    -Rhino/Lancelot (Your preference)

    Pilots/Pilot Skills: Need all the ones that make the Shields stronger.
    Passive Modules: As many Fortifiers as possible, preferably all Fortifiers.
    Active Modules & Weapons: Your preference.

    Titan: Arthur (Build: Your preference)

  23. Hello again Andrian . Great video and GamePlay as always . Imagine how good this match was gonna be if you didn't have the maxed Titan . You push all your robot's without any fear or carefull untill 4:30 the time that your Titan got out and destroying 3 of the enemy's 6 in total "normal" Titan's and 8 robot's easily, dealing at least the double amount of damage from your 5 maxed robots with just one P2W Titan . I find that there's no balance with the P2W Titan's at this moment of the game that makes me feel very stupid when i give all my best at the gameplay that changes so fast from one wallet Titan :/

  24. Adrian you should make a stream with ur clan mates where you all have arthurs and you all create a wall and walk at the same time while firing at the same time

  25. My dream hanger :
    Fenrir Avenger ,Storm
    Invader Halo Storm,Nemesis Cryo,Strider Glory , Blaze , Halo , Mender Halo Carona Spectre Tulumbus,

  26. Dream hanger: machine guns

    Blitz: x2 Shredder, x2 Sting
    Invader: x2 Shredder, x1 Atomizer
    Inquisitor: x1 Viper, x2 Atomizer
    Leech: x2 Wasp, x2 Pulsar
    Falcon: x3 Avengers

  27. D.O.T set-up
    Behemoth – x4 viper
    Bulwark x2 Ember (+fortifers)
    Ares x2 sting x2 wasp
    Rayker x1 viper x2 shredder
    Mercury x1 Ember x2 sting
    Any Titan

  28. Man it is an absurd what this game does to poor people. Your equipments and Robots are like gods comparing to them. You should never be in a battle with such low level players. It is pure math. There is absolutely NO BALANCE INTO THIS GAME. Of course you would make the whole difference in battle. The game is so good but is extremely horrible when it comes to sorting players. MK2 lv 12 against MK1 lv 9 ? Oh come on ! Shame on you !

  29. Dream haner atomizer killer ( carnage 4×dragon invader 2×rime 1×cryo leech 4×cryo phantom 2×halo 1×wasp falcon 2×dragon 1×viper )

  30. Make a dream hangers called "sheild ignorer"
    Ao ming-tsar 2× rupture 2×
    Fenrir-orkan 2× exodus
    Ravana-orkans 3×
    Mender-pinata 2× orkan 1×


  32. Dream hanger over kill ( leech 4×vortex ao jun 2×termite tyr 2×rime 2×atomizer carnage 2×avenger falcon 2×viper 1×avenger)

  33. holy shiet adrian 6.2m dmg..too significant different with those 3x antimatter reactor compare to regular one is no joke.

  34. My dream hangar: ‘Max Tank ’ – robots with charges:
    Arachnid Invader Punisheer
    Carnage-Exodus Thunder
    Raijin-Thunder Trident
    Your choice of Titan 🙂

  35. Hey Adrian, great video as always but it would really make my day if you can feature this hangar in the next episode of Dream Hangars . No gimmicks, just a hangar l have designed for TDM:

    Robot: Bulwark
    Weapons: Avenger (x2)
    Active Modules: Repair Unit
    Role: Tank

    Robot: Tyr
    Weapons: Scourge (x2), Spark (x2)
    Active Module: Repair Unit
    Role: Medic

    Robot: Mercury
    Weapons: Glacier (x1), Time (x2)
    Active Modules: Lockdown Ammo
    Role: Hit-and-fade

    Robot: Ao Guang
    Weapons: Vortex (x3)
    Active Module: Shieldbreaker
    Role: To deal w/ those pesky campers

    Robot: Hades
    Weapons: Viper (x1), Shredder (x2)
    Active Module: Quantum Radar
    Role: Mid-ranged combatant, Anti-titan

    Titan: Ao Ming/Arthur (whichever you think is better for TDM)
    Weapons: Vengeance (x2), Rupture (x2)

    #Note: No Legendary pilots

  36. Adrian plz run my hangar "Suport and push!!!"
    Tyr: rime,cryo
    Mender: gust and storm
    Weyland: flux
    Nightingale: Halo Corona

    Titan: Ao Ming with sniper setup.
    Please run this hangar in the future!

  37. My dream hanger:
    T-Falcon: Ember
    Ao Jun: Glory+Avenger
    Nightingale: 2 Wasp+Marquess
    Loki: Gust+2 Rime
    Cerberus: Avenger+2 Punisher T
    Ao Ming: Gendarme Cuirassier

  38. My dream hanger is the surprise
    Invader ion Marques
    Mercury viper pulsar
    Hellburner viper shredder
    Hellburner exodus piñata
    Gi. Paton magnum
    And that’s my dream hanger

  39. Hanger idea:
    Its nerf or nothing

    Invader with scourge/spark
    Rayker with dragoon/marques
    Cerberus with ember/igniter
    Blitz with magnum
    Au jun (cause I want it nerfed a bit) with viper
    Au ming with energy guns(cause all of your hp being gone is a nerf)

  40. As much as the rebalancing hurt shot guns the game iteself is much better with them being less center stage still plenty of good weapons left and shot guns still have a place


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