If you missed the Semi-final game reaction, check it out here:

Vietnam lost, 2-1, against Uzbekistan in the Final Game of AFC U23 2018. Despite the loss, Vietnam still loves and treats their team like national heroes. Great sportsmanship from Vietnam!!!
I hung out with Charly ( and Annie for the evening to experience the crowds out and about around Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem lake.
Even though it was raining, and the team got 2nd place, so many people were still partying and cheering in the rain until the late hours of the night.

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  1. Congratulations to Vietnam for making it all the way to the Finals and getting 2nd place!
    Did you watch the game? If so, how did you celebrate the day? Let me know below!

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  2. Uzbekistan champion!!! I hope this time we will be able to get a opportunity to attend Footbal World Cup 2022 with that team. Thank you Uzbekistan U23 football players

  3. What a pity that you were not on the streets when Vietnam scored. It was epic and extraordinary. We, Vietnamese, will remember that day for a long time.

  4. Wow this is amazing! Love seeing the entire community coming together in celebration. Congrats Vietnam and I wish you continued success on the world stage.

  5. It's Vietnam ! That is our country. Thank you Cory for making. If you Added Vietnamese sub, it will be the shit !PS – i WAS in the party

  6. One of my vietnamese streamer friends that I'm subscribed to made a video about the game. She was in tears. I know this means a lot to the vietnamese people (and even saying that is an understatement), but I'd be happy to even make it to the finals. I don't cover the u23 that much but from my knowledge, this is the first time Vietnam has been to the u23 cup?

    Idk, but what I do know is that Vietnam is sure to kick ass again in the cup.

  7. Some uzbekistan guys are acting like stupid, no one force them to watch this video but they watch and say strange things. Congratulation uzbekistan and I know not all of you act like this, I just say some guys =="

  8. I wish to Vietnam national team to get first place in every competition.They deserve in the first place.Because they are a patriot for their country.I really really respect them! ONLY GO AHEAD AND THANKS FROM UZBEKISTAN.

  9. wooow I cannot imagine that so many people support their national team.What a respect! Congratulations Vietnam and thanks for the good game! Hello from Uzbekistan.


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