#USTA National Tennis Rating Program (‘NTRP”)
Level-by-level informational videos for the recreational tennis player.
In this video, watch a 4.0 male #tennis player demonstrate groundstrokes, volleys, overheads and serves. NTRP is a classification system that identifies and describes general characteristics of tennis-playing ability from 1.0 (beginner) to 7.0 (touring pro). Within each #NTRP level, tennis ability varies. Learn more at usta.com/NTRP.

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  1. First off, with all due respect to this guy I'd put my money on the 3.5 in the other video. With that said, if these are true ratings than everyone in my area are tanking. The average 3.5's are far better and the 4.0's would win in lopsided blow-outs.

  2. Hell no. He is not a 4.0. Did that old man bribe you to use him as a 4.0? His serve is horrible and scared to use an overhead smash when the ball is hit over his head, but reachable to smash. Looks like a weak 3.0 and I’m being generous.

  3. 4.0? Based on what I’ve just witnessed, I’m Roger Federer! Having just watched the 3.5 video I was expecting a jump up. Technique looks worse than the 3.5 guy. *just the ramblings of an armchair quarterback.

  4. I played High School Varsity Tennis and I was better than this. Don't get me wrong, the guy is good but his movements seems stiff and forced. My coach would always repeat "relaxed fluidity with power". That was our one goal. Form over everything. Background. I played table tennis for 3 years before playing tennis so that had a somewhat carried over for tactics and nerves but not technique and stance. That took repetition and repetition to become decent at.

  5. I look at these rating videos and reckon I am a 4.0 to 4.5. Then I watch some of the match videos and the 4.0 players would beat me easily!

  6. Lol why did they pick this guy. I mean, he may very well be a 4.0 (since rating is about your ability to win), but his technique is far from normal.


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