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Training with Roger Federer part 2 at the ATP World Tour Finals in London.
Alex of Top Tennis Training helping Roger Federer prepare for the ATP WTF 2015.
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  1. Wow!!! Superb! Man You Are So Lucky to play with this Mozart.

    It's, it's evidently HUGE to get a chance to play with Roger!


    Thanks a ton for sharing with us!

  2. Alex definitely plays well… But, Federer is returning the serves of Alex like he is being fed practice balls… The returns are awesome !!!

  3. I love Simon laughing at 5:56 at the ridiculous stuff Fed is doing to his mate! Thanks a lot for this brilliant video, great bit of insight seeing this champion play in a more relaxed environment.

  4. its honestly inspiring to see roger spike a volley into the back wall…thats what most of us recreational players lack..the freedom to ust swing hard and fast and see what works

  5. At one point he actually hits the ball so fast that the camera can't catch it hahaha. Slowed it down to 0.25 speed and put it on highest quality, but it just disappears.

  6. The dude with the bandana must be, what, a strong 4.5 at least! 5:54 serves are a bit lacking, but if he works a bit on them, he could even face a weak 5.0!

  7. A bunch of people are just saying “it isn’t that hard” or “I’ve done that before” on a bunch of his better plays in this video but remember this this practice he can do a lot better in a real match

  8. I can't believe i didn't notice this earlier, but that's Stefan Edberg coaching and picking up loose balls. I know he's Roger's coach, but what a place to be! Training with Roger and getting coaching from Edberg…

  9. You know how you can play youtube videos at 0.75x speed? I feel like when Roger's on the court , everything around him happens at 0.75x speed compared to the rest of us.


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