In lesson 6 we review the basic strokes and then progress onto the power strokes of table tennis, the forehand and backhand topspin, also known as the forehand and backhand loop.

Before you start this training session make sure to watch the forehand topspin tutorial:

and the backhand topspin tutorial:

and the forehand block tutorial:

and the backhand block tutorial:

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Good luck with your table tennis.

Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario


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  1. hey Jeff and Alois, I need your help on my table tennis quiz this coming Tuesday could u helpmeet out ? This is the concerning factor in my college GPA and this is my only weak link. Please ?

  2. This is probably my most favourite video because this video has it all.
    Forehand, backhand, topspin, backspin, blocks…
    literally everything.

  3. Hi sir.
    My timing of making topspin in forehand is not going proper. When I take back swing for forehand topspin I see d ball has already gone out of d table.When try to start a bit earlier it does not work .My Stroke is going well but d timing is not perfect.Pls help me sir and give me a solution

  4. Hi I am 13 years old. I am simple table tennis player. I can't do forehand topspin continuously, by the time I loose control in my legs and I loose concentration and I just hit the ball somewhere.I am unsatisfied with my playing please help me.

  5. Haha, Alois turned into a righty for the occasion. Nice skills there Alois!
    I'm reworking my basic strokes based on comments of an experienced trainer. Here's what he's urging me to do:

    FH – focus on rotating the hips; this also decreases the crossover area; keep the feet only slightly oblique; don't turn the leg inward while rotating; start with almost straight arm; add wrist action last;

    BH – start from the hip; move the bat so that the blade remains in 1 plane; a bit of hip doesn't hurt; feet are in the same position as for FH, so that switching doesn't require any longitudinal feet motion; add wrist action last

    I used to force my FH, switch feet position too much, and I used to have too quick a backhand motion with the blade moving from one plane to another; consistency is so much better now but obviously changing basic strokes leads to some fallout.

    See you later!

  6. Great Video as always!! I had a question regarding one of the grips I was reading about just a few days back. What exactly is the Seemiller Grip?? Could you demonstrate that in a video perhaps?? And lastly what grip would you recommend to a beginner of the sport? Thanks a lot for taking the time to respond!

  7. My forehand is very good but backhand its almost flat hits, while practicing I can't generate a good topspin hit like my forehand
    Also, I can't hit it on the table. Please give some tips on how can I practice my backhand alone and improve my backhand topspin.


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