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I see a lot of player that continually struggle to create topspin with their forehand. That can easily be solved with a little practice and the correct information. In this video we are going to go over how to use the lag and snap technique to create a lot of speed and even more topspin.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Tennis. Good luck with your tennis.

Clay Ballard

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  1. Good lecture.
    Just a quick qs.
    U mentioned that we should hit at 45 degree angle and not vertical. But later u mentioned that for topspin it should be a vertical contact.
    Could u plz clarify this?

  2. For topspin I think it’s best to just get the racquet below the then swing forward, then you will get the natural low to high swing and you will get the topspin too instead of obsessing about getting topspin

  3. Great video, clear. I was doing this often instinctively but was never confident that my stroke was correct. Watching this helped me to clarify the movement, and increase my own confidence. I am hitting the ball well now. Great vid. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for the videos, simple accurate instruction! Well done, can’t wait to add these tips to my weekly lessons

  5. Hi clay I'm a young coach in Argentina,my student places the racket in the table position but at the time of going to the stroke he continues in this position until the impact and ends up with the racket not perpendicular to the floor. This is because he does not do what is explained in the video ?

  6. This is Great. I like the bio mechanics. Using your body more & arm less. I am going to practice duplicating your swings. 100x? ok I will try to get that rhythm 12 – 3 – 7 o'clock. Gotta get to the court. Thx

  7. Clay, when I am trying to relax my wrist through the swing, my wrist tends to roll over and turn the racket face upward, which launches the tennis ball upward. Any tips to keeping my racket face in a downward angle while staying loose? My grip is already at Semi-western. thanks

  8. Thanks for the wonderful video! I just have a quick question. As I'm making contact, it's not the racket face that's the problem, it's that the racket points too far down. I'm assuming it's because I try snapping my wrist too late, resulting in contact where the racket isn't parallel to the ground, but more with a 45-50 angle with the ground. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks!

  9. So you encourage a straight hitting arm vs a bent elbow? I ask because I saw on a video recently that most pros use a bent elbow, maybe I got that the opposite way. What are the benefits of each? thanks!

  10. Hi and thanks for the video,
    I'm 56 and sick of having side spin on my forehand so I'm making a (painful!) change.
    Anyway, one point of clarity, you mentinon keeping the hand in front of the body on the back stroke. I'm not sure what you mean? I see that your'e not putting the hand way behind the body but keeping it in front seem awkard. If you can clarify that, I'd appreciate it greatly.


  11. thanks a lot for the video.. can you explain more on the point of contact? is the wrist already released during point of contact or is in the process of snapping or still waiting in the phase before the snap ?

  12. Hi, Clay. I use to play a lot of tennis and I agree completely with your explanation of the topspin forehand. This is exactly how I use to hit it using the western forehand. One of the most dramatic examples of the western forehand was Jim Courier and a professional named Aaron Krickstein. When you look at slo-mo videos of their forehand, it looks like they are dislocating their wrist every time they hit a forehand. I subscribe to Top Spin Golf now and think you are a great instructor.

  13. Hey Clay thanks so much for this great video. I just tried it today with my partner and it was exactly what was lost in my forehand.

    Normally my forehand has a lot of spin but lacks power. I usually play it as a defensive stroke. but today using your technique "turning the doorknob" part really gave the snap and my forehand turned into an amazingly aggressive shot.

    The speed and penetration were impressive. I scored so many winners today and my friends were asking what did I do??? lol

    Thank you so much for the great advice.

  14. Hi Clay ! Thanks for your videos, very helpful!
    I'm playing in France and my teacher told me that we do not have to force the "turning the knob" and the lag should be the consequence of a total relaxation of the wrist, is it right or we have to force it ?

    Thanks for your answer 🙂

  15. Hey Clay, do you think that if i already have a decent lag and snap, by adding more weight to the racquet head, it will make the lag and snap even better? Since it weights more the head will lag even more? Or could I generate a similar lag with a light racquet.. thanks!

  16. tnx for the videos. i just have a query. does this also apply for semi western grip. i have a problem on my backswing its just not comfortable enough

  17. When the racket is lagging should the racket face face the ground or the side fence? Also when your snapping the racket are you using wrist flexion or wrist ulnar deviation?

  18. Mr.prado you never choke up on the racquet handle for the forehand because the wrist must be relax after contact
    to have a fluid motion.Chocking up will only keep you stiff during the swing.

  19. okay, been playing for years and have watched many hours of tennis video. THIS video series gave me the final piece to my forehand. i could never generate the type of effortless power i know i am capable of until now. i took this advice to the court yesterday and was awed by the results. Your Sir turned my forehand into a real weapon! the centripetal force as you explained it produced incredible pace and spin! thank you!

  20. I have a question. Should I choke up on the racquet handle? I've seen Federer holding the racquet very away from the butt, and I've read that choking up you get more control and you can hit harder, is it true? Thank you for your good lessons and waiting to hear from you soon Regards Claudio.

  21. Please check the Federer slow-mo again, it's clear that he is first starting the swing to the ball, and then achieving the racket lag position, not the other way around as your video appears to be endorsing. Federer and other high level players achieve the racket lag from a very loose grip, and allowing gravity to let that racket lag behind AFTER they start accelerating the racket forward to the ball. This is very clear from all the slo-mo footage out there. I appreciate your efforts to make the video, but please explain your reasoning for teaching it this way?

  22. @Top Speed Tennis when your swinging to contact are you doing it by swinging with your arm and the then the cores just naturally uncurling from the unit turn or are you actively consciously turning the hips and keeping the racquet stationary?

  23. when you actually hit your forehands, your hand is definitely NOT in front of your body…. that is, when you point your racquet to 7:30, your hand is behind your body also pointing towards 7:30.


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