Click For Free Video: How to Get More Leverage & Spin w/ Straight Arm (Top Speed Tennis) Topspin

Many players struggle to get enough topspin on their shots. this may even be something you are working to improve currently. But don’t worry, in this video I am going to go over the proper hitting arm technique to help you improve your leverage and create more topspin than ever. It all comes down to making a large arc so you can generate easy speed.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Tennis. Good luck with your tennis.

Clay Ballard

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  1. I’ve been searching for the video and this is it. I would also think this takes pressure off the elbow and wrist joints too

  2. Great video, very helpful!
    When you hit the ball, you need to aim in the center of the racket?

  3. Hi, I've been practicing with Prostaff 120z 90sq head with straight arm swing and people kept telling me to stop using heavy raquet.

    But nadal's racquet which is less heavier hurts my arm.

  4. Great video, good coach! Some other online coaches state, that it would not be relevant if a forehand is hit with a straight or bend arm. From my experience as a coach this is not true and Clay is right. Of course it is beneficial to hit a ball, which travels at you at high velocity, way out in front. You have much more opposing force and a better view on the contact point. 🙂 Contact is much cleaner and solid. I really like your way of explaining things, Clay!

  5. hi clay! i'm always very impressed by your videoes and it really helps me to improve my skills… Anyway i want to express these things and i'll always your fan. From Korea. thank you clay!

  6. I have been watching your videos – subscribed to your channel – and they are helping so much! I wish I could take a lesson with you in person. I took a basket of balls out to a local court the other day and was practicing and did well. Then I went to my team clinic and it was like I forgot what to do! So many balls into the net or out. I was telling my team coach how I have a hard time telling if the racquet is dropped low enough to get under the ball or if my racquet face is slightly too open or closed on every hit.  He said my forehand was a swipe and not a brush up the ball – but when I do both hits they feel the same.  I said if I knew I was doing it wrong I would know to adjust – but honestly they all feel the same until the ball clearly is an error of a shot. Is there a way to really feel that the stroke is incorrect or does this just take time and practice? Thank you for your time and great videos. 

  7. again thanks, its easy to drift all over different instruction videos . Clay I am staying put with you . I saw your lag and snap first before this. so I will work on this then proceed to lag and snap.
    David from the Bronx

  8. I try to hit with a straight arm like Federer.  There is a timing issue to this also as you are hitting earlier farther out in front.  However in terms of power – when you push a fridge around your kitchen would you use straight arms or bent?  You have much more leverage with arms bent.  So I think there is a trade off between speed with a straight arm and leverage with a bent arm.  It is something maybe ESPN sports science could look at and quantify.  

  9. I don't know about Roger Federer but it is definitely similar to Yevgeny Kafelnikov forehand esp regarding your pendulum comparison.

  10. I think that was my problem today trying to hit the topspin for hand I had my arm bent a little .. I really wish you could come down where I live and help me improve my tennis but that's to much .. Thanks anyway Clay!

  11. The steright arm has another isde effect which you can see on your own on your video! Having the intention of the streight arm, automatically you go much more behind with your arm, ad get a BIG BACKSWING. Federer can technically manage it that he goes from the high preparation of his racket down and 45 degrees upo, but an average player cannot manage this, impossible! He will automatically get a big back swing and modern tennis is for a small backswing, big wrist movement and big ending of the shot!

  12. Clay I agreed with your lag and snap video I am not agreeing this one. Only Federer and Nadal are using the streight arm forehand technic. All the other players have the arm bent, see Djokovic.This is because the bent arm is giving much more controle and is more natural. The streight arm is putting high pressure to the arm and can lead to injuries as well. It is also much more diffoicult to be relaxed with a streight arm!

  13. It's great that you're trying to teach this FH as we see a bunch of the top ATP players using it vs. the "double bend".

    Double check you SSC doorknob explanation! It looks like the body forces are creating the "racket flip" movement via inertia/opposite forces vs. a "forced and intentional" arm segment twisting action as you are describing. Watch Nadal rear view in super slow motion to see this unwinding action initiated by the legs bending in sync with arm straightening and extending to trigger the rest of the kinetic chain driving/"slinging" the racket into contact

    This fundamentally alters the learning of this stroke. We should explore this further. Thanks for your efforts to bring greater awareness and get players to consider and try this important FH approach and style.

  14. Physics doesn't work out with your explanation. Longer arm length will give you more travel distance, but less speed. Shorter arm will give more speed, but less contact zone. Just think of the pendulum of a clock: If you want to speed up the clock, just shorten the pendulum and you'll get higher frequency with the same effort.


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