Top 5 Forehands in Tennis – Ultimate ATP Best Forehand Chart.
When we watch matches we often see players with huge forehands as weapons with different forehand technique but how do they compare against each other and who has the ultimate forehand in the game?

In this video I reveal the Love Tennis forehand chart and which player we think is the king of all forehands! I judged this on biggest forehand power, precision and consistency. I will also show you those forehands in slow motion perfect for analysis.

Who would you choose for your 5 Best Forehands?

Federer Forehand?
Nadal Forehand?
Djokovic Forehand?
Del Potro Forehand?
Murray Forehand?
Nishikori Forehand?

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  1. The great Gonso, I really miss this Dude on the ATP Tour!
    Wouldn't it be a good idea to invite the guy for a forehand lesson at Top Tennis Traning?

  2. Del Potro, too many injuries. I'm not sure, could be a bad technic and his wrist tendon. I agree Gonzales very powerful, he beat Nadal and AO 2007 in three straits sets.

  3. Gonzales lacked consistency needed for consideration of even top 5 Nadal and Deseret are on par del potro deserves to be their and Turin has enough power to join them

  4. why not do another video on top 5 forehands based on available stats- rpm, average speed, top speed, net clearance, errors, winners are all available stats and this would make it more objective rather than subjective 🙂

  5. Tennis is consistency, I would go with a forehand of Bautista Agut every day because of it's consistency, you should also mention the defensive part Wich is really important , the Big have the best forehand, thiem is really close, verdasco/ Monfils/ Tsonga too, I think almost all atp top 50 /100 have unbelievable weapons, the usability and consistency are the key to the top

  6. Bit odd going for a retired player as number 1.If you going for retired players Muster would have to be considered.

  7. I would choose Mischa Zverev, Gasquet, Paire, Edberg and…. McEnroe !! 😉
    Serously, that kind of Top can always be a bit subjective, but I am agree with the names you mentioned in the video although it's tough for me to give a ranking from 1 to 5. The only one who makes no doubt is Nadal's FH on clay, by very far the greatest weapon ever seen on that surface, slightly not as efficient on hard court. Federer's FH is the most versatile and flamboyant. Gonzo's one is the ultimate in term of violence and strength. Djoko's one is ultra consistant and surely slightly underated. Delpo's one is something special/unique, musicaly and visualy terrific, a crash of thunder. We could also add Ivan Lendl in this discussion, using tools from the "middle-age" era compared to today, his FH was lethal on all courts.

  8. Interesting form from Gonzalez. The hardest hitting and yet it's a very simple, high take back and continuous loop. I wonder how effective it was overall, or was it other weaknesses (bh, serve, mental toughness) that held him to 2008 Olympic final as his best resul?. I'd say tie for #1 Delpo, Federer, Nadal (their fh are "generational" nothing like them before), 4 Djokovic because it's a very effective shot (balanced out by super bh and effective serve), then maybe Thiem at 5.

  9. Lendl, Sampras, Agassi, Delpotro, Gonzalez, Nadal, Federer, honorable mention: Verdasco, Thiem ….not listed in order of ranking. Just my choices. You can decide the ranking.
    But "best" is a relative word. Is it about technique, pace, variety, spins? If versatility and pace are concerned Roger and Rafa are my picks. If sheer pace, Delpotro, Gonzalez, lendl and sampras

  10. Nishikori and Murray in the top 5? Really? RLMFAO! Gonzalez, Thiem, Verdasco, Sampras, Agassi, Soderling all have superior forehands.


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