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  1. Jared Donaldson didn't handle that well, but these umpires need to be held accountable. Whether that's hawkeye, more confirmations, whatever…

  2. I can understand Nadal frustrations on saying Novak is one of the greats of clay recently he said Federer but come on Nadal fans admit it it's true lol Federer is far far behind Djokovic on clay u can hardly count how many times Federer has troubled Nadal and won matches forget about winning clay tournament finals?

  3. Mark my words Djokovic is the only one who has defeated Nadal on all clay major titles and events injured or not I don't give a fucking damn about it. Now let it sink in Nadal retarded fans!

  4. Donaldson looks like another spoiled child from USA. That's it. Look at Goffin and his reaction even though he loses an important point in a totally astonishing mistake by the umpire and he's not yelling that way to the umpire…

  5. This Djokovic 2013 clip is included in:

    Top ten grunt points in clay
    Top ten extended grunt winners
    Top ten match points in clay
    Top ten Monte Carlo matches
    Top ten Monte Carlo finals
    Top ten Djoko-Nadal matches
    Top ten Djoko-Nadal points
    Top ten Djokovic points on clay

    Did you fucking lose your sense in this corona lockdown ATP???

  6. Jared Donaldson losing his shit wouldnt even make my top 100 in Monte Carlo. Its just way to average in every regard.

  7. Bruh this is a top 5…. And Jared Donaldson complaining abt a call is apparently more importantly than KING NOVAK dethroning Rafa

  8. Even being a victim of a terrible injustice, Goffin kept his sportsmanship and Fairplay to declare an-inch inside ball was right to award Nadal the point.

  9. I agree that 1 point here and there brings about frustration, but it can never be a factor in deciding the match..if in 100 points u couldn't make a difference, u cant expect to make in just 1 point..frustration is justifiable but not to say it made u loose the match..


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