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  1. Thats the perfect example of Roger fans, when they have no argument or when Roger loses then all they know is to call out names,yell and boo. It seems as if they are not sports fans not even tennis fans just Roger worshippers. What else can you call it when there is absolutely no respect for Rogers opponents. Whatever happend to fair play? If you lose then you lost shake hands like a man and swallow it. Better luck next time.

  2. Idk why but you don't have very many videos or compilations including women's tennis? Not calling out or anything just saying.

  3. I'm a federer fan but must say these "fans" in london are sometimes a disgrace. Zverev was right, its in the rules. He had probably the biggest win in his career and had to apologize for it. By contrast to the fans federer instantly showed understanding

  4. Sasha really had nothing to apologize for tbh. I mean, I'm a huge Federer fan but if that's in the rules, then what can you do? And points to the interviewer for sticking up for him. Don't really think those booing are real fans of the sport.

  5. Jack Sock is like that unexpeted guy in a party that steal the scene,after that,you never see him again 😂

  6. what was Borg thinking, playing with an old racket type??? the lieast he could have done was use and practise with a new more powerful racket. racket technology has advanced so much that for him to continue to use his old (Donnay?) racket was suicidal… no wonder he lost!!!

  7. Zverev is a little bit ridiculous, don't have the quality for any top 10 so needs to make excuses, no way that ball was bothering the game

  8. Federer so strong, just one throw he destroyed his racquet. the other hand, djokovic smashed his stuff 3 times, and his racquet still fine

  9. The crowd in London was horrible. Zverev was totally right. I'm not a Zverev fan (yet), but he played very well and deserved the win.

  10. I sure hope the next generation of tennis fans are not as toxic as the current one lol. Hopefully after the big 3 retire we can have some healthy exchanges

  11. I really can't see the sportmanship in what Roddick did. The umpire would have obviously found out that the ball was good and so the point would have been replayed anyway.

  12. Swan song of Jack Sock. It is now clear that the final of the ATP tour in London 2017 was a match between two losers. An incredible combination of happy circumstances for both of them. The years after that showed what their real quality was.


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