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  1. If i heard correctly, umpire gave the point to Cuevas. So how was that lucky shot from Garin when he lost the point?

  2. Even the first point should have been awarded to Djokovic as Murray's shot hit the permanent fixture (part of net outside sidesticks)

  3. Please remove the last one. It actually is the point for the server as ball hit permanent fixture (net post in singles). Even the umpire gave the point to server. I wonder how come you guys put it in the list.

  4. Hermano, a ver, el punto de Olivo y el de Roger son sus propias habilidades, aquí nada tiene que ver la suerte, ellos usaron sus reflejos, le duela a quien le duela.

  5. It seems like a lot of these are just caused by the net being BS because of the height not being right. If the actual net posts were the right height, then you wouldn't need poles and the bottom of the net wouldn't crease along the ground. Just make better nets that are flush with the ground and don't have garbage posts.

  6. 0:13 What is the word Novak keeps saying? It looks like he's saying 'Chao' over and over again. Is there a curse word similar to that in Serbian?

  7. 3 wasn't luck, and neither was 2 really. They pulled those shots off because they had the skill to adjust to what was happening. Still a great compilation though 🙂

  8. No. 10 is not Garin's point (rightfully so), and no. 1 shouldn't have been Murray's point: the part of the net between the post and the singles stick is a permanent, so if the ball touches it before it bounces, it's out.

  9. The number 1 shot was cut too short. So the ball went in right? But the point was given to the server? The umpire called 30-15


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