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  1. 7:05 is the type of rules I'd like to know about. When I saw it wasn't allowed to bounce out, I knew that was wrong.

  2. The umpire did not wrongly award the point to Cuevas…he did the right thing. In singles, the net is considered only up to the singles sticks and anything else beyond that is considered a permanent fixture, so if the ball hits a permanent fixture like a chair, roof, ballboy, etc. and then goes it IT DOES NOT COUNT!!

  3. I was just wondering about when the ball hits the post and goes in. In singles doesn’t it HAVE to be inside the single sticks to be classified as in play?

  4. i think novak was imitating nadal at first and then federer ( his serve was like federer ), his forehands were entirely different and maybe imitating someone else. he used to do that back in the day. he hit the shots with power if not precision. might be having bit of fun or hiding cramps


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