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  1. Fed: broke one racket in his entire career of 21 years, which was during his worst year ever (2009)
    Nadal: never smashed one racket
    Djokovic: smashed many many rackets

  2. I haven't watched this yet but if I don't see Youzhny rearranging his forehead with his racket I will be sorely disappointed. Legendary meltdown.

  3. I love tsitsipas I whise he didint apouse his father the poor man try always to help him it wasn't a nice picture.

  4. the first time i heard the commentator said "And Djokovic cracks" for number 8, I thought he would say "Djokovic cracks, and the racquet does too" LOL.

  5. Some would say these are natural reactions of people playing high-level sport.
    But does anyone remember Becker, Borg, or Connors smashing a racquet? I'm sure they got frustrated too — the difference is that they controlled themselves like grown-ups.
    Basically McEnroe, a man-child if ever I saw one, gave everyone else in the playground inspiration.

  6. I don’t like meltdowns and beeaking rackets, except for Roddick. Very smart guy with a great sense of humour. Gotta love the Rod.

  7. (KUMAR). INDIA BHARAT proves wishes holy Friday NAMASTE I meant happy easter 🎶🏑🏹 🌈 🏃 🙏👉🌅✒️"!!!". 🌺🕊


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