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  1. I think Novak has the gladiator moment when he played Rafa in the 2012 Australian Open final. Idemooo Nole!!!!

  2. Monfils is the biggest disappointment for black tennis. The biggest!!
    The only successful black tennis planters of late are in the women’s game. How disappointing. It’s like why even pick up a racket? Stick to basketball 🏀.
    Tsonga at least TRIED to win. Monfils has everything necessary but wasted it. 😑

  3. Chileans Massu/Gonzalez Athens Olympics final 2004, coming back from 2-6 in 4th set tie break wining in the 5th. Gonzalez won singles third place the same day in th 5th set 16-14 few hours later playing 5 sets in doubles finals. Cherry on top, Massu won singles gold medal next day in 5 sets. Peak tennis history gladiator moment, and it ain’t even close.

  4. Gaudio once told Chela during an interview that he just could not understand how Hewitt finished world number 1 for two years in a row, once Hewitt didn't have a single shot that could cause any damage to the opponent according to the Argentine. Yet he got easily defeated by Hewitt in 2004 Masters Cup, losing 4 times to the Australian during his carrer (twice on his beloved clay). What an irony.

  5. Monfils losing that match in Dubai just shows how much he just does not care about achieving further in his carrer. As well as in Paris Masters 1000 last year, one win away from qualifying to the ATP Tour Finals, he played casually against Shapovalov, one of the most inconsistent players on tour. So many hard working players giving every drop of sweat they have just to get that chance of breaking through and Gael blows huge chances like these just because he does not want to seeze them that much. What a waste of talent.

  6. I'm a fan of Roger but there's really nothing special about the Djokovic/Federer match in the o2. Too much emphasis and Fedfan bias on it. Yes, it's revenge, but Djokovic literally gave up.

  7. This video is just Awesome best video so far. Each and every match in the video is just 👌🏻. Shout out to the channel.

  8. These are all great matches. Please, Tennis TV, post some of these as extended highlights later this year (maybe the Murray v. McDonald match?)

  9. 3 things..1st cant believe rafa won the match after being 1-5 (30-40) down..2nd is verdasco's grunt..it was so initimidating..3rd rafa toppling nole match over 4 hrs..srsly…cant get any better than this

  10. We all know number 2 is Djokovic winning every GS against the crowd(Wimby 2019 and USO 2015 especially) and number 1 is Federer's finger wiggle from that match.

  11. There's only one famous gladiator, namely the tiger from SERBIA BABY !
    Fedheads and west media have nightmares from him, when he attacks and give heartbreaks to them . He's really feared.

  12. Maidrid 2009 was one of the greatest match between rafa & novak. It a shame that they couldnt handle a young kid, let him in and even wait for him until he finishes his rafalike performance. Fucking guards.

  13. 2004 gaudio vs hewitt looks like it's in fast motion….that's because players hit the ball harder back then and were more talented. Sorry to the 14 year old fanboys


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