Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson contract the coronavirus, the NBA suspends its season due to the concerns over the outbreak, and hungry monkeys wreak havoc in Thailand.

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  1. The most messed up thing is if Tom Hanks was in the states, what's the likelihood he would have been tested ? CDC needs to ramp up testing so you know what numbers you're going to be dealing with.

  2. We are looking through The Eye of Darkness and when it hits Los Angeles, some folks there are heading to the Place of Angels

  3. COVID19 is not the virus. The virus is SARS-CoV-2. COVID19 stands for COrona VIrus Disease of 2019 and is the name of the disease.

  4. 3:17 Yes people will! Honestly this is so irresponsible of Trevor. People like him are the reason so many are not taking this virus seriously. The virus has a fatality rate. Even if it doesn't look scary on paper. 2% of 150million people is alot of corpses. Chances are at least 1 person you know of will die

  5. I was wondering where the Cast Away joke was.
    Also other celebrities don't have it because they can't be tested for it with how few people are given the chance to be tested for it.


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