Overnight, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, shared a new update about their coronavirus recovery. There are new questions for fans and celebrities who interacted with the couple in the days leading up to their diagnosis. Natalie Morales reports for TODAY from Los Angeles.
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Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Share New Update On Their Coronavirus | TODAY



  1. SERBIAN CURE: HOT RAKIJA recipe look it up to make it at home. It looks like Corona is not immune to HEAT.
    So start drinking HOT LIQUOR. It must be made HOT and consumed that way. 👍🏻

  2. Got news for you Tom . There is , In Fact, crying in baseball, as in life. Its ok….toxic masculinity aside, tears are exactly how you process grief and loss. we know from Sohpacles, there Is Tragedy (outside of hollywood). aint always gotta be inspired by art…not all clouds have silver linings. my mom died when a brick fell on her head. i was playing baseball. my team one, but i cried.

  3. I heard Epstein "killed himself" you and wifey could do the honorable thing and commit seppuku!

  4. What would Ricky Gervais say-you liberals love your open borders go die in your multiculturalism douches

  5. Heard it effects old people more too bad Hanks you guys gotta die suckas 🤣🤣

  6. All of these diseases come from animals Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Corona, it is always from eating animals. But no one needs to eat an animal. Eat the veggies and grains instead of running them through an animal. You can get everything you need from fruits, veggies, beans grains, nuts, seeds. Please make a change, this is destroying the world and causing unnecessary suffering. Educate yourself watch Neal Barnard or Erin Janus on you tube.
    Staying at home and eating animals is not helping. It is not hard to make this change and to make these thing kind of event non existent.

  7. Seeing some Western elites, licking electric poles, kissing trash cans, licking microphones, "proves" that they won't be infected by this COVID 19. We may ask: are they really ignorant or really fearless?
    But can we have such a conspiracy theory:
    On the one hand, the political elites created a false image by this, which stabilized the panic and did not shake the political foundation under the condition of the lack of epidemic prevention materials.
    On the other hand, because of the epidemic situation, the elite are not easy to die because they have money and resources, but the ordinary old, the weak, the sick and the disabled who consume a lot of social resources but can not create too much social value will mostly died from the epidemic.
    In the long run, it will certainly be beneficial to the economy of a country, especially the one with serious aging issue. Even though it's very inhumane. But this might be what the politicians were thinking about.
    And now, they use "herd immunity" as

  8. Remember, the volcano? Mr, Hanks I always looked up to you as a child. Portrayed as a good man on the screen, but I knew it wasn't far from the truth. Hang in there friend. We keep moving onward. Keep moving. Our prayers and thoughts are with yours and you.

    P. Kudla


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