This week’s video addresses one of the most common misconceptions in tennis when it comes the racket head orientation namely that the racket head needs to be horizontal at contact.

It’s possible that this doesn’t apply to you and that what I’ll share with you today is nothing groundbreaking and that you’ll just say to yourself “Well, of course.” 😉

If that’s the case just share the article with your friends and enjoy the Wimbledon matches this week.

But if this challenges your assumptions then hopefully you’ll find a much easier way to play from now onwards.

As you’ll see in more detail in the video article you are allowed to hit the ball with the racket head angled down for low balls and the racket head angled up for high balls.


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  1. Hi Tomaz. Even if I think players should not care about that, what about the angle of the strings at impact for top spin shots ? I always believed they had to be vertical but it seems there's sometimes an angle of 5° or so, racquet face closed.. How can the ball clear the net if the strings are angled to the ground at impact ? It's due to the low to high swing path ? Thanks a lot.

  2. This can be a tricky subject, because you can tend to be too lose with your wrist, and than have a sloppy shot. The "spaghetti wrist…"

  3. Everything you say just resonates with me, and apparently, with many of us who play recreational or competitive tennis.

  4. Tomaz, please write a book. I'll be the first to buy it. The last great book was probably Inner Game, so its probably time for another classic. I've been devouring all of your content. Your ability to zero in on issues that typical players face is uncanny. Thanks for all the great work so far and hope there is a lot more in the pipeline.

  5. you can hit the ball horizontal when it approaches you too low and too flat. but you must lag and snap your wrist when you hit it, it will be very beautiful shot👌

  6. Your videos help me a lot! My coach says the same things about intention, unit turn, pronation, etc. But the message does not sink in. Your videos have a lot of visual effects like slow motion and arrows and your explanation is always clear and precise. The tips and drills are particularly useful. Thank you.

  7. Tomaž, zelo priporočljivo bi bilo, če bi objavil kakšen video samega ogrevanja pred treningom/tekmo.
    Sem mnenja, da je to del igre, ki je zelo pomemben.
    Hvala in lep pozdrav!

  8. Awesome video! like always, you are the master. Now I have a question… how about the angle of the face? should it be straight forward? or angled up when the ball is low… or angled down when the ball is high??

  9. What about the face of the racket, i.e. the angle of the racket face around the axis of the handle? Can the racket be facing slightly towards the ground (angled) whilst hitting (especially high balls)? And more open/angled up for shots like the lob?

  10. These videos have helped me so much over the past year. I really appreciate your teaching style of prioritising feel and mental images over absurd and specific instructions like telling to angle your racket differently by half a degree or hitting the ball a few milliseconds later/earlier.

    Thank you, Tomaž and everyone else behind Feel Tennis!


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