The Ultimate Forehand Topspin Lesson – Tennis Lesson.
In this video Simon & ALex of Top Tennis Training will help you generate more topspin on your forehand using a few simple drills and tips.
If you imagine the ball as a clock, for a topspin forehand crosscourt, you’d hit the ball from 5-11 o’clock on the ball, if you’re going down the line you would hit the ball from 6-12 o’clock.

A great way to feel this motion is to use the net cord drill that Alex describes in this video.

About Top Tennis Training:
– Alex Slabinsky is a former ATP Pro who reached 200 in the world and was former British number 4. Alex was a regular training partner for Andy Murray and many other top pros including Roger Federer and Kei Nishikori amongst others.
Alex is an LTA Level 5 Master Performance coach.

– Simon Konov is a former ITF Futures player
Simon has been coaching for over 10 years, working with thousands of players of all ages and abilities from complete beginners to ATP/WTA players.
Simon is an LTA Level 4 Senior Performance coach and RPT National Professional coach.

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  1. simple physics indicates that to generate topspin you must contact the ball north of the equator with a racquet path low to high. The idea of brushing is an illusion

  2. Hey Simon and Alex I have a question. Is there a difference between your power forehand swing and your topspin forehand swing? If so can you make a video about it. I am fifteen years old and trying to improve my game. I thank you for your videos because they have helped me so much so far.

  3. I agree with the contact points of the ball but for me the biggest factor to generate spin is having a forehand lag. Alex for example won't hit as much spin because of WTA forehand. The lag is crucial for a big spin

  4. Hey I'm 12 and I did the let the ball drop thing for a while then I changed and now I'm winning regionals thanks for all the help btw lads

  5. What tennis club are you filming this at because I would like to know to see if my uncle plays there thanks love ur vids btw

  6. You actually want to have a slightly closed racquet face, 5-10 degrees, every pro player has that most of the time, it makes it possible to hit a really heavy topspin ball.

  7. what do you think, about becoming a decent level player like a 4.0, it is important or not to have practiced any sports since childhood? is it really an advantage over other people that try to learn to play tennis but with the difference that they barely practice any sports in their childhood?

  8. Alex has a great forehand. At 1:20 I really don´t see that "lag&snap" and "tapping the dog" we´re been exposed lately as the "ATP forehand". Simon has a great forehand too, and at 1:10 we can see the lag and "tapping de dog". But I think Alex and Del Potro can´t be wrong.

  9. Great video guys. Simon would you say your straight arm forehand gives you more spin than a bent? If so could you explain why? Recently went to a straight arm myself so just curious what your opinion is?


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