Ronaldo was one of the world’s greatest forwards but a sad reason led him to leave Real Madrid. After a career at PSV, Barcelona, and Inter, Ronaldo would leave Real Madrid. But what made the Brazilian Ronaldo leave one of the world’s greatest clubs at his peak?


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  1. Real Madrid fans knew the real Real Ronaldo would be there soon. Cristiano was coming and will be the best to break every real Madrid record😊

  2. all Real Madrid fans love Ronaldo but I remember his last season with Fabio Capello he was terrible really fat a lot of injuries bcz of his weight he couldn't run and ended up being substitute most of the season to Ruud van Nistelrooy in Real Madrid we have high standards if you don't do well the fans will boo you these players are employees the club paid a lot of money for them to perform well so we except them to do that

  3. That medical condition I think has the name of……Brazilians love to party. If he had a Portuguese Ronaldo work ethic we would have scored maybe 50% more goals, and that's unbelievable; even Zidane has gone on the record in Oh My Goal vids stating he didn't work, but was the best player on the field and his fave player. All of the Brazi "R" guys are party animals.

  4. The did thd same to Cristiano who arguably their best ever player. Madrid fans are the absolute worst.

  5. He shouldn't put have gone at real, their fans are literal garbage, with Casillas, with Ronaldo (CR7) as well (the "who needs ronaldo?" Signs) and others… smh

  6. Not all the real Madrid fans are terrible but having said that the rest of them are pure cancer to football and humanity they don't value what they have and one day they'll lose everything

  7. Real "fans" are scumps. They don't deserve watching the best Footballclub. I want Real to get relegated one time, just to see how many fans they really have.

  8. Real Madrid is a great club but their fans is not that great because they most of the time critises or Mock their own players.

  9. Real Madrid fans are the harshest fan base , but not the worst like Chelsea fan base ( because of racism ). We booed the player in which we trust the most . We want to see intensity, work rate , goals, tackles , saves . Even these things are not important if we lose matchs . We demand win because of that we won 13 UCL's . This is a fan based club like Barcelona. People always want to see the the UCL's but not the club's harsh tradition . Look at previous year , except vinicius, benzema everybody was booed badly . In real Madrid being booed means " We want more from you " . The booeing doesn't mean we hate player's. Every club has different tradition which makes them successful. – (A Real Madrid fan) .
    Also casillas left because of murinho , he has said that many times indirectly . If a player leaves the club by announcing it earlier he gets a good farewell like Zidane and Raul .

  10. none player touched me except Ronaldo
    this guy was a legend of my childhood growing up seeing him entertaining us with his skills,talents and those smiles that you cannot ever forget.
    Thank you ronaldo luís nazário de lima.


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