She’s without question Cristiano Ronaldo’s most famous ex. If at one point she had the key to the Portuguese man’s heart, Irina Shayk ended up having hers broken

In October 2017, after a 4 year relationship, Cristiano left the Russian model and the explanation perfectly sums up his mentality…


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  1. Irina got beauty but no brain…or could say got very big thick face but no brain….seriously the present cr7 lover now can live luxurious life style and fame and endless jewellery whatever she can get….

  2. He's a top guy, I think he should come back here to Manchester , and play for Manchester City so I can go and watch him. Family first

  3. I don't get it…Why you always put the title he dumps them,when actually his a d*ck of a character for women…so it would be a more correct title.WHY SHE DUMPED CRISTIANO.

  4. people who make a living just based on their looks and beauty, don't understand the nitty-gritty of family support and the emotions involved with having a strong family culture. Therefore irina did'nt even last with cooper, and i m sure she'll keep on going from one man to another.

  5. Beautiful beautiful wonderful..💛💛💛💛🥰🥰
    Pity Ronaldo Torvaz lost..Georgia makes every effort to look beautiful but not reach your beauty..


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