Even more dynamic. Even more refined. Even more high-performance. The Elantra N Line is coming to a road near you.

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The Next N-Line | 2021 Elantra N Line | Hyundai


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  1. Here's hoping it's engineered better than the 2016. My engine gave out at 103k miles. It's a company car so oil changes were performed faithfully every 5000 miles. Nothing but highway miles too.

  2. Hope Hyundai Elantra N gives high competition to the CIVIC TYPE R and beats it with the unique exhaust.

  3. Hyundai has replaced nissan. Veloster N is way more hot than expected. Hope Elantra N line also does the same by impressing people. Hope it gets above 300 horsepower. KDM is paving way to get the best vehicles to US market.

  4. I read from Car and Driver about this new 2021 Elantra N line and the tidbit info i got was that its going to start around $27000 i hope this isnt true because for that price i hope they put in the blind spot monitor in the gauges like its big brother Sonata limited and some decent sport seats and none of that faux carbon fiber trim pieces.I mean look at it this way. the 2020 Kia forte gt turbo starts at $22000 with a manual and with the GT 2 Package and the DCT it costs around $25000. please Hyundai i hope this aint true. figure it out.

  5. I have the OG ELANTRA SPORT 2018 IN RED and to be honest its the best looking compact sedan of all time. I hope this looks as good if not better in person.

  6. If you guys don't offer it in a manual, you're missing the boat on it. Most potential buyers will turn their nose up at it and keep looking. After owning a 2017 Elantra Sport, rowing my own gears, I could not get into the 19+ models that didn't even offer a manual. So off to Honda, VW, or Subaru most of us will go.. That is if a "stick" option isn't available once again on your enthusiast focused Elantra Sport or N line.

    Fingers crossed..

  7. This is nice and all but if Hyundai isn’t going to bring their N Performance Parts store to the U.S. then a lot of people will lose interest. Hopefully they don’t drop the ball.


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