– If you try too hard you may tighten up and end up with a compromised stroke. If you watch the best players in the World you’ll notice their strokes look effortless. Next time you play concentrate on you muscles to see if you are trying too hard and need to relax.

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  1. Hi Alois, I've been watching your videos since years and every video has been very useful. (: . one issue I've been experiencing is i will get back pain when i play for quite some time. any posture tips you can advice on. THANKS !

  2. I think this is what has happened to my game…..been getting steadily worse the last few months and I'm pretty sure it's this very problem. Shots like BH flicks that I used to find effortless and with good accuracy have disappeared from my arsenal or rather become much less consistent, same goes for my FH loop. I've even decided to move from my go to setup to a different racket (141gms – total weight) to try and ease the tension and shoulder pain….maybe I just need to 'realx' a bit…….actually….a lot 😉

  3. Okay I know you probably won't see this comment but I'm trying to learn topspin hits and I'm having an issue with being confident with hitting it hard enough for it to work properly like I always hit it too light and it messes it up any advice is appreciated

  4. Guys i have stared advance level of table tennis from 1 year ago but i think i started very lately and my question is can i play table tennis as pro player like timo boll or … Im trying but i have some bad feel about my age
    Is it a bit lately for play tennis and compete in championship and etc?

  5. I tend to become stiff sometimes, approx 2-3 times a game and in most cases I lose a point. Can you suggest me how to reduce this ?

  6. I am here to give you a big thank you because i tried it and my topsin and serves have much more spin,just stay relaxed 😉

  7. True enough with a backside. I experimented it and my topspin got more reliable and speedy. But now, ive got a short pip on fh, and it changes some parameters. I now find it more reliable to take the ball sooner, above the table with a short quick stroke… ill try to be more relaxed anyway, though. Do you have advices for short pip fh players.

  8. what do i need to do if i miss the ball too much in the air (placing my racket in the wrong place) so for example when the ball is high and im going for a smash i quite often miss the ball and swing my arm to emptiness in the air what should i do

  9. Such a good lesson. 5 years and I figured some of this out on the weekend. And my shoulder has started to tear itself apart … so timely to see this video Alois. THANK YOU! Shot recovery and the ability to play a touch shot (or any decent shot) next is also assisted. The visible difference in the speed of your shots was just great to show. Bravo!

  10. I try to give much spin on my topspin ball but it does not get any speed nor spin…What should I do? Help me coach plz

  11. Great video man! Ive been playing pretty shit for the last months especially in matches and that could be the reason. Only, if i loosen my wrist i am scared if losing my racket

  12. very good piece of advice! keep em coming pls*edit* Just one question about being relaxed, I've seen some videos where they tell you to be relaxed right till the moment of contact, what exactly are we supposed to do at the moment of contact, like grip tighter, squeeze the raquet ???


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