With so much tennis instruction on technique you may start to believe that it’s correct technique that puts the ball in.

It doesn’t. It simply helps you hit it more efficiently and control it more easily.

But YOU still have to control it. And you control it with intention. Meaning that you know EXACTLY what you want to do with the ball.

You must see the ball’s trajectory in your mind’s eye before you hit, ideally way before the ball bounces on your side of the net.

The video above shows you the importance of clear and early intention and how you need to work on it.

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  1. Hi Tomaz, first of all i would like to thank you for all the teaching you’ve provided through YouTube. You’re hands down the best tennis instructor out here if not in general. Anyways i would personally like to highlight how important this piece of “intention” impacts your shotmaking skills. sometimes we can get very focused on the technique, such as when and how you want to prepare your racquet, but in fact what really affects your technique fundamentally is the image you have in mind. Personally i think this really shows when you’re training against a wall, when you are forced to think and “intend” the ball to be sent to a certain direction (usually in the dead center of the wall). That way you get to line up your mind and ultimately technique to make the ideal contact. All in all I again want to highlight how important this sense of image is and how big of an impact this has on your technique – sometimes it’s all in your mind. After having the Eureka moment, I now hit with clear imaginary target – usually imagining a circle on top of the net. Hope everyone benefits from this great piece of advice from the tennis master. Thanks again Tomaz!

  2. Do you think this applies to the serve too? I find it hard to hit spots, and I have more errors when I try to get the T or wide. Can you recommend a practice routine to improve serve consistency? Good videos, thanks!!!

  3. Actually my wife began to simultaneously say "Hi, I'm Tomaž from Feel Tennis." when I start the next clip lying in bed. Best instructor on youtube!

  4. another point is: the technique is good only if you can forget about it while playing and it is still working for you. i would still say two more "most important" elements of the play are being in the right position and hitting a clear shot (meaning hitting the ball in the sweet spot).

  5. this is very very good. because you can easily improve your technique, but it is very tricky to improve on your intention. another thing i want to mention is responding instead of reacting. reacting is kind of automatic and mechanic, based of your past experience, responding is always new and fixed on the present moment.

  6. So many times I watch one of your videos I just think “why hasn’t anyone told me that before”. Always so simple but so effective, best tennis channel on YouTube hands down !

  7. What about the game plan, and decision before opponent's strokes? I'm often self-programming myself and trying to predict next stroke. Is this the case to correct such things? Thank you.

  8. Very good and very helpful advise. This video point out the true meaning of early anticipation. Early intention and decision is the key . Thanks . Great advise

  9. Coach Tomaz is using the discovery method of allowing the student to observe, think and learn by himself so the student is self-correcting and adjusting his behaviour by himself. This sort of learning is much faster and more permanent and it is a form of top level coaching that I have never ever seen this in many years of observing tennis instruction.

  10. Could also incorporate this into the law of attraction. When you believe and visualise the ideal shot of choice, it is more likely to happen

  11. Tomaz is a scientist. This is a great video showing that you set the intention first, based on position, then you execute the intention. Love this.

  12. This is sooooooo right.
    Listen to this kids, this is maybe the most important thing to keep in your mind when playing

  13. There is an additional gaining, when you concentrate in the intention of the shot, of course while keep watching the trajectory of the incoming ball, intuitively you forget about technique, surrounding, etc and with less things to think about, your consistency increases spontaneously. Orlando. Sept 04/2018, long after the actual posting of the video, I know.


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