When you’re faced with obstacles, do you break down and quit or continue on your path to accomplish your goal?

No matter what, a real champion always finds a way to make things happen.

In this #ThrowbackThursday episode, legendary tennis coach Nick Bollettieri, shares the characteristics that it takes to be a true champion during last year’s TomX at our Success Summit.

In business and in life, it doesn’t matter what it takes, you don’t give up. You have to keep going and do the best you can do. Go out and win big!


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  1. I HAVE TO SEE THE DOCUMENTARY, BUT CAN'T BECAUSE I LIVE IN THE NETHERLANDS. I can't buy it on any platform, becasue you have to be from the USA to use Showtime or stream it from another platform. Can some PLEASE help???

  2. Absolutely great speech. However, towards the end he was totally contradictory. Nick said: "You don't judge people by just what the score board says. You judge people by the effort they put into doing things." He moved on later to say: "You go out to win… Don't ever tell me you're gonna do the best you can do. You tell me you're gonna win." I understand, it's about the winning mindset of the champion, but at first he talked about result (winning/losing) as something not important. He basically said it's all about the effort, but it's also about winning.

    I guess it's about always putting your best effort with a mindset that you are going to win!

  3. Great wisdom and inspiring words from Nick Bollettieri. "Don't be embarrassed to say you’re nervous. But find a way through it." 😎

  4. What an inspirational speaker! Wow! I have never heard of him and I am a sports fan. Legendary stuff there. He need to come speak to our college students. TFS!!

  5. What’s very interesting is that Nick never played tennis, just like Tom never sold real estate. But they’re both great teachers. Very interesting.

  6. I don’t think people here really understand what type of legend Nick is. He absolutely changed an entire sport. Bow the fuck down


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