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  1. Omg this game is so fucking bad. AO Tennis is 50 times better then this piece of shit. The ball hitting the racket sounds like it's hitting a tin can. The umpire sounds like a bum they got off the street to say some lines. Same with McEnroe. This game is terrible. AO Tennis is not perfect but they got the court sounds and the umps sound correct. Only if AO tennis 2 upped the presentation then it's really a good game. If the fix the warping of players to.

  2. Not a bad game, but not the best. With a fried we played a monster match between federer vs zverev in 184 Minutes, with breaks we played over 4 hours!!!!!

  3. Los juegos de tenis aún no han alcanzado su similitud con la realidad, los juegos de fútbol están ampliamente avanzados

  4. Top spin 4 has everything right except one thing. The score sign! It should be removed under the game. Otherwise far better than this.

  5. The Trophies for ps4 are bugged…. How can i reach 15 volleys in a row against ki for impossible and how can i create a tennis academy what i have to do for that?

  6. Virtua Tennis 3 is 10x better then this shithole. And it came out 10 years ago. Please remaster Virtua Tennis 3. Would love to create a character again and bring yourself to the top with the World Tour mode. Oh what a time that was.

  7. The movement of the players is just ridiculous… They obviously didn't want to put any time into this game. Made in 2, maybe 3 hours. Topspin 4 is 10x better then this…


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