Hosts Vasek and Bethanie get the gossip on how Matteo Berrettini and Ajla Tomljanovic got together and who’s been picking the Netflix shows while they quarantine together in this episode of Tennis United.



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  1. Can we somehow make this show longer? Start with like 8 hours and take it from there 😉. I feel like we won't ever have this again and I'm lovin it ❤️🎾

  2. I do like the combination of both of you as facilitator fo ethos show…keep on doing this for us fans !

  3. Hi Vasek and Bethanie , get the administrators to get an idea of what is going to be the future of this year's season

  4. Great match-up- Bethanie is a natural as a host and Vasek provides a nice low-key counterpoint. You can tell the players are really appreciating touching base via the show, and it's great for the fans as well.

  5. I'm with lucija. I keep thinking when "is it Friday so I can see that crazy syrup guzzling Canuck, and that wacky Bethanie?!" Keeping Canada proud #Vashy!

  6. They should have more subscribers and views. Fantastic quarantine show – breezy, funny and shows human side of tennis stars. And props to BMS and Vasek, they're terrific hosts.👍

  7. Tsitsipas said later that he had Kyrgios consent to post his phone number so it was not a prank

  8. God this is actually so entertaining…I wish it would continue throughout the season, when we are back on the courts.

  9. 15:46 isn’t it so cringe when she says alright gang, like what gang are you talking to, to your 9 year old army shhahs lololol.


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