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  1. me never learned the 'continental or 'westwrn grip yet plays finely, hehe

    an little bit of dysfunctional growth and lethality encourgement throughout.

    many person can speak rather 'flawless sentences, but when striking the balls, tons of not such s0

  2. I changed from this technique to just hitting a strong regular forehand with the semi-western grip and slight pronation at the wrist.   This keeps it low over the net and jump with more power behind it.   It all depends on wether you want a deep topspin shot or a shallow one; in short I base it on where the opponent is.

  3. I'm confused?? Isn't the western grip better for topspin. If I'm not mistaken they're showing us the continental grip which I was taught was recommended for serves and volleys. 🙁

  4. Isn't this wrong that body weight is more on a back leg than on a front leg? And also does not change to fron leg while hitting the ball?

  5. I have a new string, the tecnifibre razor code, specifically for spin. I almost gave up on it cause I am a flat hitter. I can across this video last night, and today I tried to apply it. Guess what? I feel like i'm playing the best tennis of my life. I can hit the ball with great precision, hitting hard with spin without worrying to overhit it! Awesome. Thank you so much!

  6. I keep coming back to this video… One week freakin off from tennis to heal an injury and I start making the most elementary mistakes like weight on the wrong foot.. no little steps, not low to high. Good video to have for reference.

  7. Even though they are using a different hand I can still see what they are doing and visualise myself doing it but with the opposite hand. In other words it's not really a problem. I'm sure it's something left hand people have to deal with everyday so right handers should just deal with it.

  8. @qytdsxa you are correct. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. But In a best female model 2012 exclusive interview she had mentioned about her strong abs with this 7 food items. i found it here :

  9. The same issue occurs with "Fuzzyballs" the pro presents videos for a fore hand but , he is left handed. I must add that in some videos Fuzzy reverses his self to look right handded. Which is better then a video on fore hands presented by a left handed player.

  10. As farest Nadal forehand, he is unique and nobody teaches his technique. I have spoken with several spaniards who have friend with Nadal, who said that not even his early coaches hit near like Nadal, in addition, nadal developed and was allowed to keep hitting and hitting until he grooved an extreme western topspin style . The same could be said of Guillermo Vilas, Gabriela Sabatini.

  11. The problem with many coaches and videos presented by pros , is that the majority of tennis players and even the best in the world are right handed. So videos with a left handed player demonstrating a topspin technique is only of value to left handed players.

  12. The voice over describes an action which is NOT what gives topspin to the ball… the topspin is NOT given by the "upwards" motion of the arm! It is the natural PRONATION of the forearm, if the raquet is held by the player using a western grip, which gives topspin. Your videos clearly shows this action, but the "teacher" is too busy telling you where to put your feet (which doesn't matter) and to bend your knees (also a variable) instead of telling you how to hit the ball!

  13. You can find a video on the basic forehand by searching Tennis Forehand- Basic Technique. Hope that helps and thanks for watching!

  14. No, this is not a top spin. This is smash with little rotation….. U will newer do the normal top spin 140 rpm in second what I call a top spin, with the racket like this, the rim is too wide, now I'm trying to fined best racket design and strings and tension for real Top spin, my opinion – Wilson pro staff , 100 or 95 the rim is good but I wish it ever thinner. I will experiment.

  15. I think everyone should use the grip they are most comfortable with. When I started playing, I was using an Eastern FH grip, but I wasn't very consistent. When I switched to the Semi-Western,first of all it came very natural to me, also it gave me more consistency, accuracy and control. Also, I think it worked because I'm pretty short (5ft10). But again, I believe you can hit very good topspin FHs with an Eastern grip, it just depends what comes natural for you.

  16. @joakim456 actually, to hit the best forehand possible you need to have your arm fully extended at contact. This removes the inconsistency of the angle of your arm. If you watch the best forehands in the world most of the time their arm will be straight at contact. Federer is a prime example of this. Nadal even with his extreme grip manages to have his arm straight at contact, which gives him more leverage and takes unnecessary stress off his arm.

  17. @aleksandar10981 Federer, Sampras, Graf, Evert, Connors, Lendl, Becker, Davenport, Serena hit with an eastern grip. Eastern forehand is the true grip of champions. 🙂

  18. but just wondering if u used ur wrist power for the very fast upward movement of the racket head or u dun use wrist power. if not what arm muscle do you use?

  19. We have had lots or requests for right handed examples so… Check out our NEW Tennis – Topspin Forehand Technique for RIGHT HANDED players


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