Discover Rafael Nadal’s Patterns Of Play
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In this video I show you how Rafael Nadal uses smart tennis strategy to consistently setup his favorite patterns of play.

We all know that the Nadal forehand is absolutely lethal and Nadal uses smart strategy to set this shot up over and over!


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  1. What forehand would be best to master? The nadal or Federer forehand? I have something similar to Fed's but hitting a flatter shot just ins't consistent shot for me. What should I try to learn?

  2. IMO- in regards to the whole why opponent's hit back to nadal a lot- It's pretty much the expected effect of an Offensive baseliner- they rely on hitting strong shots that most of the time FORCE the opponent to either go for too much, or hit a weak shot back to them. It's hard to change direction off a good shot unless you've anticipated and already set up properly enough to counter it. All-court is nice, except IMO again is not a guarantee to win against nadal. All-courters have no specific weaknesses but also no major specific strengths and as a result can end up playing into a player's strengths. Roger's favorite patterns are to play to the ad-court and that's what gets him into trouble. He can't really play to that side too often against Rafa, and his deuce court patterns aren't practiced enough, as opposed to nole. take into account that Rafa's not the classical offensive baseliner. He's kinda an all-court baseliner in a sense- meaning he utilizes the footwork balance aspect of the all-courter to maximize his offensive baseliner patterns.

    Anyways- that's kinda how i see it. Nole and rafa really utilize the footwork/balance aspect of the all-courter to maximize their baseline games, whereas a lot of other baseliners that i see don't really seem to to that-p place more emphasis on footwork. Not all- just a lot. 

  3. "Why do opponents play into Nadal's strategy and hit him all baseline shots instead of using the forecourt?"

    How often do you see Nadal lose net points? This underlies why he is as great a player as he is. He either crushes an unreturnable winner on the way in to the net or plays a great drop shot into the front corner. From there his quickness usually prevails on the response. For the forecourt strategy to work, the opponent's first angle or drop shot has to be perfect.

  4. Good video Florian,  I would like to see a similar video of Roger Federer or  learn how to set up different patterns of play.

  5. Your comment on why he prefers duece serve up line to get a forehand and how he uses high backhand down line to set up a forehand is good analysis.  Seeing how Nadal is always balanced, legs bent, and ready is a great example of why he is so quick around the court.

  6. The big surprise here is that who would have expected that every Jrs favorite plan of hitting nearly everything to the backhand, would have worked so well in the Pros.

  7. I really wish you would explain why Nadals opponent continually hits the ball right back to him at the baseline?  He doesn´t have to move more than one or two steps to set up his next play.  This is not just against him but almost all matches are just hit the ball back to your opponent so he doesn´t have to move his body very far to return.  This doesn´t make sense to me.  I would think the strategy would be to spread him out be forcing him out of position using the whole court and not just the backcourt.  The forecourt appears to be ignored by most players.  Where is the all court game? The finesse and the touch?  Nobody seems to be using much and maybe they don´t want to practice it, or maybe they don´t have anyone to teach it today?  Please explain.  Thanks.


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