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If you can read this you have an impressive scrolling game.



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  1. Improve your serve today with our 4 Page Action Plan —>
    We think you're going to like what you see when you begin to read through the incredibly effective step by step practice progressions we use with our private students to develop winning serves.

  2. Damn becuz of corona virus I can't go to the court and i lost my service motion so i have to begin again from the start I just literally forgot how to hit my serve actually i have been playing for a year😂

  3. Easiest and Most Effective Serve!I will be using this serve technique in my first middle school game I will let you know how it goes!!

  4. Very good explanation and breakdown Ian! I’m a relatively experienced player with a decent serve but I find it breaks down from time to time so this is a very good simple mechanism that I can implement! Thanks!

  5. The funny thing is that you dont do external rotation when you throw properly. Thats specific to tennis serving but not to throwing.

  6. Excellent! Helped me so much after recording myself on video, I was able to better understand what you are teaching here.

  7. Glad to go back to this video as serve wasnt good, my racket drop never gets into correct slot position instead touches opposite side of back, if i understand correctly as you begin racket drop shoulder needs to turn simultaneously, my shoulder turn has been a little late which makes serve ineffective, great basics video!

  8. I'm here because I suck at playing tennis, my teammates literally left me a my partner to play alone in class, because we sucked that bad.

  9. I’m starting to get it finally. It’s deceptively difficult to coordinate a good ball toss, a smooth circular swing path, and timing when to make contact with the ball. It feels great when they are all combined. I do notice that when I try to hit the ball harder it does work yet.

  10. Thank you for the video! I never practiced the serve and mostly just rallied. I’ve tried these techniques twice and it’s going to take a lot of practice. I still struggle with the timing. The second time I made the mistake of going through the full motion when I should have started with the racket in the elevated position like you demonstrated. Hopefully I will get the hang of it soon. It’s so frustrating! The inconsistent ball makes the timing even more difficult. But I will keep at it. Thanks!

  11. Didnt really help me at first. However I realized it's all in the grip. MAKE SURE to keep your hand fanned along the grip

  12. Very helpful, I found it awkward twisting on my forward leg, but on second look, you have your forward foot at angle, you didn't mention that. Also, how high to throw the ball? I find if I throw the ball to just above where I want to hit it, I have more time to make accurate contact because the ball is changing direction.

  13. Unbelievable… I’ve been playing tennis for just 2/3 years but my friends never play matches, only rallies and my situation was exactly what he described in the beginning of the video. Every time I tried I failed miserably, so never had the motivation to learn. In fact, I was sure I was doomed to never have a serve. But after watching this video one night, I came to the courts to practice for a few days in a row and followed step by step of what he says and goddamn I actually have a pretty consistent serve now 😱

  14. The only video I watched so far that really helped me understand a basic serve. Thanks for the great teaching moment !

  15. I really needed this right now, I just started playing tennis for the first time ever about 2 weeks ago at school and my first match is on Monday, it’s Thursday. I subbed, thanks for the help!

  16. Ian, I'm helping with coaching high school kids. Some have never played. Would you recommend teaching them like this right off the bat, or should I let them serve with an eastern grip at first?

  17. Great video. I like the stepwise approach and only focus on the essetials. Should have seen this 30 years ago

  18. I like how you performed this right-handed (your non-dominant hand) to more closely simulate a beginner learning the throwing and serving motion. Yep, I noticed.

  19. Love staring from the hair brush position. SO hard for beginners to get in that position. Gotta keep the palm down!


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