Tennis Practice – Preparing For 2019 Season with US College Player. In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov is helping his 18 year old student Yoan prepare for the 2019 season.
Yoan is currently based at Queens College in the United States and is getting ready for the spring season where his team will be competing on a weekly basis. This is the first practice session Simon has had with Yoan since August 2018 when Yoan started playing college tennis in the states.
The focus of these two tennis practice sessions were:
1. Hitting aggressive topspin crosscourt to push the opponent back followed by hitting a flatter shot down the line.
2. Taking the ball on the rise whenever possible to dictate play.
Another big focus of the session was getting into net to finish points off at the net whenever possible to help shorten the points.
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  1. Simon your backhand is very reminiscent of Andre Agassi's two-hander. Absolutely beautiful hitting by both you and your student. I am a huge fan of the videos you and Alex did at the O2 when Alex was hitting with the pros. How did that come about and are you going to get to hit with some of the pros as well this year? I try to go to the WTF every year and have been doing so since 2014, hope to see you there this year or the next before it goes to Italy. Best of luck to Yoan for his College tennis.

  2. Is Queens College D2 or are they D1?
    The sound of indoor tennis.. adds another UTR point to anybody

    Good luck to him!


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