Tennis Practice – Drills & Hitting Session with Top Tennis Training.
In this video Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov is training his 17 year old student Yoan from The Tennis Dream.
They are preparing for a tournament so they work mainly on serve and return plus pointplay but include a bit of everything to get ready for Yoan’s matches.
The session always begins with a warm up and some coordination drills with movement. This ensures that the player is ready to get moving as soon as you start hitting tennis balls.
They then spend around 5-10 minutes in the service box working on feeling the ball and really tracking the ball onto the strings. Here they work with the continental grip then progress to their normal forehand and backhand groundstrokes.
Crosscourt rallying is next with the focus on good depth and using the bodyweight whenever possible.
The return of serve drills in this video are to help Yoan stay more active with his feet when preparing to return, sometimes players get a bit flat footed in matches and this double split step drill will help him stay alert and ready to move on command.
Then they focus on the kick serve which is something Yoan wants to improve in matches, to develop a higher bouncing kick serve that clears the net with good margin.
The session finishes off with a practice match that lasts around 45 minutes. That video is available to watch here –


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  1. Do You and your student think about he going pro? It would be incredible if You could lead us to a journey to become pro

  2. Hi guys, Practising Serves from a bench, a great exercise to get higher bouncing Kickserves. Thank you for this inspiration. Really cool ✌🏼😎

  3. Love these Simon! Have you ever thought about giving a voice over to parts of the footage to say some of your thoughts about what's happening and why you're doing things? It would really fascinating to see your coaching process.
    Keep up the hustle.

  4. There are so many coaches in the UK tennis scene and are absolutely a waste of time and blaggers ,
    Simon is the boss , and really he should be coaching someone on the atp tour , I would actually say he could possibly be able to help any top player

  5. Enjoy your videos; especially with a developing player such as Yoan. Concerning the 2nd serve or kick serve, shouldn't Yoan's body still be facing more sideways when hitting the ball? (i.e. shouldn't he be hitting more parallel with the base line? like when he was sitting down on the bench?). I think he tends to over-rotate as he would for a 1st serve or flat serve. By the way, I loved the SABR drill!!

  6. Great video. Simon – you are a great coach. I wish I lived near you to use your coaching. Best of luck to you and Alex.

  7. Really love these videos. Thanks Simon! You dont get much high level coaching on YouTube and watching your session was very enjoyable. I noticed you said stay low and through the ball on return of serve, ill try that.
    Thanks again


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