The history of men’s tennis players with the most titles in the sport.



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  1. Both Connors and Federer have won more irrelevant titles than Nadal and Novak. Meaning atp 500s and 250s. In big titles, Rafa and Novak have the same number as Federer – 54, despite being younger. And if we add olympics on singles, Nadal leads.

  2. Rafa has more masters 1000 finals despite being 5 years younger and missing a huge number of tournaments due to injury. Federer has more small 250 and 500 titles

  3. I hope Federer plays until he is 40 and that he grabs another GS or two on that way. Nobody plays like that at 38. 🤣

  4. Very well said you good people…Connors has won 109 titles and 150 of them have been 250/500 titles,just a fuckin joke and a comedian's…Roger..Rafa..and Novak are the 3 greatest players there has ever been or will be in our lifetimes…as one of the comments said…Roger can drop down and play 250/500 ATP Tour events but that is definitely not his style….if it was he would of been on 120 titles by now,and if Rafa and Novak wasnt about he would of won 150 titles by now with maybe losing 10/15 finals….please please please DO NOT COMPARE yesteryear with NOW


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