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A solid backhand slice is a MUST for your tennis arsenal, but what if all your slice does is set up your opponent with an easy, floating shot? In this lesson we’ll take you step-by-step through the correct grip, racquet face angle and swing path to transform your slice into a reliable weapon.

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  1. Great video but I would have liked some discussion on the footwork involved in hitting a slice backhand approach shot.

  2. I think the slice you teach here is more of the traditional slice technique (used by Djokovic and some other players) which is considered to less effective than the advanced one (used by Federer, Murray, Nabandian,…). Instead of a U-shape swing path, it should be more of a downward diagonal motion to provide more bite to the ground. A U-shape swing path will provide some lift force to the ball, thus makes the ball bounce higher and in turn reduces the bite of the slice. There is a counter-argument saying that the downward-shape slice does not provide the needed pace for the ball to go deep but the keys for deep slices are the close racket face, less steep-angle swing path (more forward than downward) and the power from the muscle when pulling and releasing your shoulder blades; not by using the U-shape swing patch. I enjoy and agree on most of your videos but for this one, I think that the one provided by Tomas in Feel Tennis is better.

  3. When I slice there's quite some sidespin during the flight so when I slice I aim about 30 cm away from the other side sideline (Dunno what to call it) and that throws my opponents away. Sometimes they even call out before. This is one of my advantages

  4. I (rightie) am struggling with one-handed backhand return from deuce court when playing dubs. I have semi-western forehand.  Any advice on grip to use when waiting to return serve?

  5. You can probably show it in real time as examples as well instead of just talking through it. I think that will help even more!

  6. A touring pro once told me to change the way I think of a slice backhand from a defensive shot to an offensive shot. Not that it always is, but to mentally approach the shot that way.

  7. Also something that really helps me achieving a good backhand slice, is to keep my body weight balanced towards the impact point by using the step in to force that shift forward, so that my torso is well balanced while keeping my head down and my racket can go smoothly through the ball towards my target using the racket as a pointer. Excellent movie and keep up the good work!!!

  8. Ask Ian : Hello Ian my name is kurtis and ive been playing tennis for a month, ive noticed on my forehand sometimes when the ball comes toward me particularly fast i muscle my stroke, should there be any muscle used in your stroke or should it be a completely natural swing after your back swing?

    In addition what does it mean if you hit the ball, it goes over the net but you hear no pop?
    thanks in advance keep up the great work!!!!!


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