We Can Die Happy –

Directed by Luca Venter and Kelia Anne
Director of Photography: Sam Pepke
1st AC: Steve Voss
Production Design: Impromptu Company
Stylist: Sydney Lopez
Filmed at Black Cube Nomadic Art Museum HQ



  1. The music sounds like it's trying to correct the trends of the 2000s and 2010s. It's succeeding a fair bit, I will say. It still needs more time and effort to discover what went right (and wrong) in the 70s and 80s.

  2. Man. I just spent forever trying to Google this song and all I can remember was that feeling and tenderly. My search progressed to: "that feeling lyrics tenderly -Mr -black -Alabama -blink -justin -lauv -chainsmokers -Marvin -juice" lol

  3. Tennis! this song was playing in the pheasant lane mall in Nashua, NH on the 23rd of this month! i was so happy when i heard it playing through the whole mall! 💕🥰 i was singing too .

  4. While making a quick run to a nearby Office Depot for school supplies, I heard this song come out of nowhere and it stopped me dead in my tracks. I took a few seconds to appreciate whoever added this to the store playlist, it put a smile on my face 🙂

  5. I love the fact that they are the antithesis of the horrible music that's being played on the radio these days and I hope they never change.

  6. I just found this artist and I gotta say her voice, in a way, paralyzes me! its nostalgic yet I know I haven't heard it before

  7. Woah
    Excellent job. You really made a unique piece of art here. I enjoy the song and The whole vibe you have going on in this video

  8. god i cant wait to listen to their new album with my boo on vday. sippin wine while he feeds me chocolate covered strawberries

  9. I wanna know the back story behind this video. I know it's art and just a video and you don't need to have back story, but dammit I wanna know! Did she used to be the singer but she got replaced by the brunette? Were her and the guitarist a couple when this happened? Or is she just an epic fan girl who wants to BE the brunette and is in love with the guitarist? Anyway, I love Tennis with all my heart.

  10. I wish her soundtrack would be included in alien isolation 2. In some room, or just playing in tv on room in station made in 70 's art style – retro futurism.

  11. I appreciate real music like this, which is why I mainly stick to 1980s or before. I am not into rap, robotic sounds, filthy lyrics, etc.


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