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If you can read this you have an impressive scrolling game.




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  2. Felicitaciones por todo lo expuesto de tenis si embargo les sugiero hacer las explicaciones en Español, así nos facilita en aprendizaje, gracis

  3. So I know this is not a grip and I probably shouldn’t do it, but i always place my index finger on the third side facing towards the head. My hits are actually very good and the grip works for all hits. Should I change the way I grip?

  4. Did McEnroe change his grip when the graphite big head racquets came in or did he continue with the continental grip ?

  5. Кирби, накой хрен ты свои Burn FST раскрашиваешь!?😝🍥😝 То черная то золотая!?

  6. Should the heel pad always be on the same bevel as the base knuckle? I mean for me, with eastern forehand, I like it more if the heel pad is a little lower, almost at 4 but not totally. I suppose it depends on personal preference, I can find examples on the internet for both, but I am just curious what your opinion is 🙂

  7. Is it feasible to change your forehand grip, depending on what type of ball your are hitting? ie. Using an eastern grip where you want to hit flat or face low bouncing balls and a semi western where you want extra topspin or face high bouncing balls?

  8. I find semi-western a bit more comfortable. I am still trying to switch to Eastern though, cause Federer 😂. Problem is, I don't always get the wrist roll at contact correctly, so my racket face is a bit too open and I end up hitting wild shots. This doesn't happen with semi western. Any tip on how to fix that?

  9. The two best grips no one ever mentions: A semi-western index knuckle with an eastern pinky-side palm. And a more eastern or even semi-western index finger and a semi-western to western palm.

  10. Good simple video. I am for clarity through nomenclature. How about we re-name the grips according to the bevel # the knuckle is on? For example, B1, B2, B3.5, B4, B5, etc.

  11. One thing that helped me in the past was a wall to hit to. It allowed me to practice without another player. Too bad those are not really out there anymore.

  12. How in the world did positioning knuckles over bevels get named "continental"? What continent are we talking about here? Asia? Africa? Antarctica?


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