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Ever wonder exactly what each of the tennis grips are exactly? In this video lesson I’ll go over the continental, eastern forehand, semi western, full western, and easter backhand tennis grips.

In my instruction on court I’ve found that several grips lend themselves best to certain types of shots. I’ll give you my advice in this video!
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  1. To me, most players hit FH w semi wester grip, but not right on 4. More between and 3 4, 4 is too far western, and I would consider a true semi western on the edge between 3 and 4

  2. There are sooo many adults who play socially and never learned fundamentals such as the different grips. As a former junior tournament player I watch them struggle to hit shots and often try to help them adjust their grip. This video can really help clarify the proper grip for each main shot. Thanks.

  3. I study sports and physical science(it is my major in college) and I have a tennis test tomorrow it’s weird to say that ……
    and I also know nothing about tennis so thank you this was helpful

  4. I have a good player, not great, beats me about 60 percent tell me i need hammer grip eastern for backhand, dont like it, I like more angle with knuckles, feels more stable with index on 2, 1 seems extreme as always hit on 2, may try against wall, I do want to work on follow through at end of swing as I have recently had wrist issues, may have let wrist bend backwards as I finish up high, I will swing up slightly and forward slightltly, then across, the windshield wiper immediately with forehand or backhand immediately rolling across seems tough on wrist, 55 years old though, great video!

  5. hi, do you have any videos on handling high balls on forehand side and on the backhand side with one handed backhand?

  6. Some minor criticisms. Your wrist was bent incorrectly on the semi-western and western grips giving people the impression that maybe this is how it's supposed to be at the contact point. Also there is no truth to the notion that one can't hit very hard with a full western . It is not lacking power in the slightest, if a player can't get power it is because they don't know what they're doing 🙂

  7. Whats your opinion on the Head Tis6 racquet for someone coming back into tennis after a decade off .. i serve very flat but fast .. and play mostly doubles.. is this an ok racquet? I used to use a wilson hyper hammer

  8. Thanks man,you really helped me a lot because i am playing tennis for over 7 years now(im 14) and my whole life ive been using the full western just because i got used to it and my coach did not do anything to correct that,now ill try to use the eastern forehand (i would still use western but i always have trouble with the high shots and i cant return them very strong),once again thank you,i really appreciate it 🙂 (hope ypu see this comment)

  9. TFW your coach tries to teach you grips, and you never paid attention, now years later you realize their importance

    I only do continental… for serves, power serves, slice serves, everything. The exception is when I cut the ball, which I do eastern/continental because I try to either put as much top spin or skip on the ball as I can, to either drive it into the person or away… Time to practice eastern :/ (my forehands are fine, but I'm going to see the effects of eastern grip in driving my forehands while maintaining my top spin, as my top spin has always been a little lacking in forehand land)

  10. What about the "height" of the grip in the longitudinal direction of the racket? Is there a general rule for that or does ir vary from player to player and from hit to hit?

  11. Great video! I'm using eastern forehand grip and I just recently noticed that my thumb isn't embracing the handle, it's kind of laying on the bevel 1 parallel to the edge of the racket. Is it a technical flaw that may impact my forehand? I wonder if it's something I should work on.

  12. Finally someone who explains how the racket should be held and what the angle of your knuckles should be with every grip. Also the zoom in on every grip makes this the best tennis grips video I have seen so far! Thank you!

  13. I'm joining tennis at my school, starting in a few months. I really don't like going into things blind but i know absolutely nothing about tennis except that 0 is love. This video helped alot, took me a while to peice it together but after looking up the terms you mentioned i think i get it. Thx for helping, hope i don't screw up at intramurals XD


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