What is the role of the wrist in the ATP forehand? How do I achieve the wrist lag position? How relaxed should the wrist be? Let’s dive into today’s video where we explain the wrist motion, proper wrist position, and myths about the lag and snap.

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  1. how can I pay you the best video i ever watched , after 4 weeks I am ripping balls like I never did in my 10 years of playing tennis

  2. Tbh at first I was doubtful about this video… Then you started off explaining the proper anatomical functions of the wrist. I'm converted.

  3. Very knowledgeable video. How can I get hold of you bro? Have u got an email or something? What drills you recommend in order to get to this kind of forehand?

  4. Have any advice on dealing with a student who is majorly double jointed? His elbow creates crazy angles and my student is unable to produce steady racket face through the contact zone.

  5. My tenis teacher is telling me to lock my wrist in one position and that i shouldn't use my wrist to forth and back. Im so bad at forehand. It was my first lesson and i sucked at it 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  6. That'sa very, very good forehand and a good video. But you very wrong at one point: the wrist cannot be loose. The push from the wrist is the most essential part of the forehand which gives plow-through, spin and directionto the forehand shot. Wanna see how shi**y is the loose wrist forehand? Simply watch Gasquet. He makes his racquet buttcap really big just to keep his racquet in his hand, as he he has a loose wrist and grip.

  7. thanks for such a helpful video!
    i have wrist pain from doing supination and pronation.
    i think i hold my racket too tightly.
    your video has given me new hope!

  8. Great video man. I have the tendency of gripping too tightly which have caused me to develop shoulder issues while serving, and now forearm issues on ground strokes. As I get older too and the physical style that I like to play at, I will definitely be practicing your tips the next day I am out on the courts.

  9. This video is by far the most helpful, detailed, and clear instructional video I have seen, and I have been working on this shot for several years! I changed my grip a while back, and this has cleared up several areas of confusion for me. Very, Very well done!! I don't know if you are doing any tennis instruction or coaching, but it seems to me you have a real gift for making the process clear! Great Work! I am a now a subscriber for sure!

  10. I like the video and the way you explained it but the wrist should be firm in contact-point and not relaxed. You never mentioned that. Arm and wrist should be relaxed while swinging but while contact the wrist must be firm.

  11. Fantastic!! Never seen such a detailed explanation. Now I know the drill for an effective forehand. Thanks and best Wishes from Singapore

  12. This basically feels like getting a free lesson from Fed himself lol, that forehand is about as close as it gets!

  13. You and 15 Points are a cut above Feel Tennis and many other coaches. I appreciate your scientific analyses and your use of standard anatomic terminology. Part of teaching tennis is to also to teach the proper description of body movements and you don’t insult our intelligence by using unorthodox laymen’s terms. If pros can do it, we can too, albeit at a different level of power, precision and timing. But it doesn’t mean anything is too fast or too difficult to teach. I truly appreciate your openness to ideas and criticism. No one has all the answers and your openness is a testament to your lack of ego. Well done!

  14. Sadly i'm getting ulnar wrist pain from my tennis sessions. Recently bought a pure strike 100, does its stiff frame causes more wrist pain. I use the wrist at the end for some whip and the shots are really fast and nice but i'm not sure if that's really the best technique. Ive tried loosening ny grip abit and not focus on my wrist but I can't 'feel' the ball when i contact it.

  15. You explain well the modern forehand of most ATP players but I think you should mention that this kind of forehand is not accessible to any player. Not everyone can use Federer's forehand. It requires great coordination and physical skills. Also, many players will have power but no control, one great forehand in the court for 6 in the fence. Many club players would benefit using a so called wta forehand, to have power and control.

  16. excellent video..I'm constantly told that i'm holding the racquet too tight or too loose despite never dropping my racquet . Your video makes it very clear about how the wrist should work with the racquet to get the best forehand and exercises to practice the techniques…I am looking forward to using all these instructions!

  17. This guy is a genius. Never seen a video so well explained, so technically detailed, so well illustrated with images. Bravo


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