Tennis Forehand Topspin – 3 Ways To Get More Topspin On Your Forehand. Tennis players around the world want to generate more topspin on their forehands but don’t know how to do so. In this tennis video lesson, coach Simon Konov of Top Tennis Training will show you three different ways to get massive topspin on your tennis forehand.
When we want more power on our tennis forehand, it’s important to try to flatten out the shot and extend the racket and hand towards our target, so the swing path becomes a more linear one.
When we want more topspin however, the spin path changes to a more vertical one. Imagine the ball as a clock face, six o’clock at the bottom and twelve o’clock at the top, when we want to hit with more topspin on our forehands, we want to try to brush upwards on the ball going from six to twelve o’clock. This vertical swing path allows us to use a low to high racket path.
Here are the three steps to getting more topspin on your forehand in tennis:
Step One – Using a low to high swing path which will allow you to brush upwards on the ball. 6-12 o’clock on the clock face.
Step Two – Dropping the racket head below the contact point. Many players struggle with this step, they tend to bring the racket head on the same level as the ball and then brush up, so they only use 50% of their upwards potential. Try to feel the entire racket head has dropped below the contact point which will allow you to brush upwards fully during the contact zone.
Step Three – Using the legs to drive upwards on the ball. When you want more topspin on your forehand, it’s a good idea to use an open-stance forehand or a semi-open stance forehand. This will allow you to really load up on the outside leg which is the right leg for right-handed players, then push up off the ground creating good ground force which will result in a more explosive upwards motion with the racket.
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  1. Video one is here –
    5 Steps to getting crazy power on your tennis forehand

  2. I have seen so MANY videos on how to hit the perfect forehand, until I found this…your explanation on the butt cap leading, is SPOT ON !!! This was the final piece of the puzzle for me. TY !! Keep it up. You are APPRECIATED !!

  3. Hello. I Watch the video but I have difficult to brush the ball to 6 o' clock at 12 o' clock because when I shot the ball, I move on with the band and arm. Please can you help me?
    All the best

  4. Can u make a Vlog on clay court tricks 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 . I have too many problems on clay court

  5. When I bring my racket back and "circling" around to contact, should my racket face be parallel to the ground when I lower it? Thank you!!

  6. Excellent video, you covered the entire science + strokes of how top spin is produced. Can't wait to try it out during my next tennis session. =)

  7. Thank you for this video Simon. When dealing with an incoming slice going into the forehand, would you suggest hitting the forehand with an open stance or stepping into it with a closed stance?

    The open stance forehand creates good forehand top spin for me but it feels so passive to me. In general, I don’t like the idea of waiting for the ball. And I feel like an open stance forehand makes me passively wait for the incoming ball, if that makes any sense.

    The closed stance forehand allows me to be more pro-active but severely limits my top spin.

    It’s such a dilemma for me.

  8. This is the best Tennis training channel on YouTube! The explanations are simple and to the point. At the same time it covers all relevant aspects to the technique. You can aply them on the court which I didn't think was possible. There's just enough theory.

  9. thank you, my teaching pro is trying to teach me the same thing about dropping the racket head below the contact point, and it helps to see the same concept explained by multiple people is different words. For some reason, i get below the ball more reliably on my one-handed backhand, but i can't do it as consistently on my forehand, and when I'm missing forehands it erodes my confidence in both strokes.

  10. Thank you so much for the relationship between open stance and top spin 5:55. I naturally preferred open or semi-open stance with semi-Western grip, I was able to hit heavy top spin a month after I re-started tennis. But until very recently I was not aware that you can also hit a forehand with a neutral stance with the body weight on the left leg. This kind of explains why I'm having issues with a two-handed backhand. For a long time, I was trying to hit a backhand with a closed stance with the body weight on the left leg. I could not swing forward well.

  11. Superb teacher, thank you for your help. I wish other instructers were like you where I live.
    Have a fab day mate

  12. Thanks Simon for this great video. Especially the footwork part gave me some insights. I’ll go out tomorrow and put it to practice.

  13. Thanks alot Simon! I am gonna try this ! Hopefully it stops raining in Mumbai (India) .. haven't played past 4 days!

  14. Definitely SO important to increase the upward angle of the swing for more top. There’s a lot of people who could benefit from hitting more topspin! They just gotta understand the importance of friction!

  15. Thanks so much, top tennis! This video helped a lot, and I will definitely keep this technique in mind. I have an upcoming match, and this will definitely help…it's exactly the video I needed. Appreciated it!

  16. When I go from low to high i get more topspin but also height on the ball. So how do you add only topspin without too much height?

  17. Please explain when it is more desirable to increase topspin, and when it's more desirable to increase power. You mentioned it several times, but didn't explain the strategic difference.

  18. Great video as per usual! Keep 'em coming! Would love a similar video with a topspin two-hand backhand breakdown


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