Tennis Forehand Slow Motion – Simon – Top Tennis Training. In this video you will see Top Tennis Training coach Simon Konov’s forehand in slow motion from the back, side and front angles.
Simon uses an eastern forehand grip on his tennis forehand and hits with an extended arm, the same style as Federer, Nadal and Verdasco. The extended arm allows the player to make contact out in front more and really make the most of the length of the arm (levers) when hitting the ball.
Do you want more power, topspin and consistency on your forehand? Then watch our free video lessons here –


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  1. Do you want more power, topspin and consistency on your forehand? Watch our free video lessons here –

  2. Wow, amazing forehand. Im trying to apply this techinque to mine but im having trouble keeping my arm extended all the way before contact. I usually break my arm (chicken wing style) the last few centimeters before contact. Any tips?

  3. Great videos. I am a athletic player, been playing for years – without taking lessons. No i want to chang my stroke to more topspin. The problem is – I can hit i quite good with a ball machine or with fast, rythmic rallies. Unfortunatelly if i play a match and I become weak or shor ball – i start to hit the fence or not staying good in relation to ball or I play weak as well. I it really frustrating. I would consider myslef as a 3.5, or 4.0 player – good at net, quick, 1.90 cm, but really inconsisten (many mishits and framing). What could I do? Thx

  4. What a great forehand! Looks powerful and super solid, nicely balancing release and control. How do you do this? It appears as if you firm up the hand/fingers a little bit to guide the racket face when initiating the forehand swing and to delay the release just a fraction … is that right and if so, is the whole hand firming up or just certain fingers? Thanks

  5. I have a few comments of my own which if you critique would be for my own good. 1. Eastern forehand players snap more than semi western for their spin factor. In fact might need snap more. 2. Lighter racquet wielders snap more than heavier ones.

  6. I am not even sure how to ask this, but I've been wondering for quite some time now. In these videos it looks like his wrist is cocked straight back to where he is hitting with more of a forward motion. I've been hitting to where my wrist is angled, generating the snap more from the side where the thumb is. I've also tried to hit to where I feel the snap coming from the bottom of my palm. Which is the correct way?

  7. Excellent mechanics, Simon. There is a slight restriction in your wrist which is minor and easily fixed. You can see it if you watch the movement of the racket head just as you transition to the forward part of your swing. The wrist/racket hangs momentarily (@ 0:04) and never completes the full downward arc which limits the amount of lag and spin you can create.

  8. Hi Simon,
    Can you analyze the banana shot? I’ve been looking around and there is not much technical talk about it (yes there are many videos where Nadal made such great banana shots i.e. Top 10.. etc..)
    It would be great if you can introduce us to this. Thanks for all of your great videos.

  9. My coach told me to be like a whip and initiate the stroke with the hips and shoulder turn and "just let my hand go", but when I do that, my stroke turns very inconsistent. My old stroke is alot of hand feel but very accurate, just not alot of body turn. Should u be pushing or pronating with you hand at all or should ur hand and wrist be 100% passive? I feel like that would be impossible! But I do want this kind of power like this video shows 🙂

  10. I like Simon Forehand. It is similar to Federer’s forehand. Simon will end the next season ranked in the top 30.

  11. Beautiful video and beautiful motions! I was going to check when your swing accelerated, even thought of analyzing the video using a computer program, but I noticed that the play speed of the video dropped about when your motion sped up, so I could not really tell…

  12. So I've been working on lag lately on the forehand side especially. For the longest time I used to have a bit of arm action before the shoulder rotation. The best forehands I've seen like Verdasco, Nadal and of course Fed their hands are pretty much behind their shoulder during rotation until near impact. Can you show us a good drill to break this habit? I don't mean racquet lag – but more so keeping the arms from starting to move before the shoulder rotation. I can send a video if it helps!

  13. HI ! , what are the situations when you should use a buggy whip finish ? it seems you use it on very angled shots and have less time to prepare fully , is this correct ? thanks for your reply

  14. Hey ttt! A question on the forehand, your non dominant arm should be pulled intentionally or should be naturally?
    Thanks ttt!!

  15. Your stroke is beautiful very much like Federer’s. The only real difference I see is that your slightly tense at contact whereas Federer is completely relaxed. I know I’m nitpicking but would you agree?

  16. Don’t confuse lag with flip. Yes he has a big lag but almost zero flip unlike Federer’s. Alex’s forehand is the same. Because both of them have more of a WTA fh than ATP. But it works perfectly well showing that most of us rec players trying to hit like Federer are just wasting our time.


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