The shot you’ll hit most often in tennis – the forehand. Master the basics or brush up on your technique with our guide to the basic forehand….

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  1. that grip is the best way to injure your wrist. only useful for volley hits. guys the secret to a forehand is to hold your raquet at 65 degrees to the floor as if you are spinning a wheel.

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  3. all you ppl complaining about her being a lefty get the f over yourself. 99% of the time lefties like myself have to watch right handed examples and adjust fine so knock off your whining.

  4. I could not follow these instructions at all since the video was for lefties.  too confusing and totally useless

  5. this is really bad. not only is the demonstration left handed, but there's just information overload without key points

  6. Not to pick here, but I really wish they used a right handed demonstrator! Very distracting. 95% of players are right handed.

  7. Using a lefty as an example when the vast majority of ppl are right handed wasn't so smart. For a newbie who just started playing and needs to get accustomed with the technique and form optically it's kinda confusing and hard to process.

  8. I have a great backhand, I can pick my shots but I can't seem to even consistently hit forehand groundstrokes, without even beginning to think of placement.

  9. Im using an eastern forehand grip and I cna't genewrate enough spin. I've been really inconsistent with my forehand and usually hit the ball out, hit too flat

  10. nice video nice girl nice racket nice tennis field now can you just put some roger federer training video and end with this.

  11. I just open my shoulders and transfer my weight through the shot with my hip turn, i feel i automatically bend my knees when i position for the hip turn, and focus on low to high.

  12. Push forward with your racket, above the net. Make sure your arm is straight and parallel with the ground. That should help.

  13. Make sure you are watching contact…when u look up before you make contact you will often miss hit it. Watch the ball hit the strings and kept your head still


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