– Pain at the outside or lateral side of the elbow is generally associated with Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis. While it is named after a sport where it is typically found, tennis elbow can be found among many different types of people and activities. Most often, people who work in office environments with lots of typing and use of a mouse, or those in manual professions involving use of hand tools can also display symptoms of this injury.

The lateral epicondyle is the part of the body most commonly referred to as the funny bone, and it is this area that is affected by Tennis elbow. Overuse of the elbow can cause the muscles to tear away from the bone slightly, and with each tear scar tissue develops, which can lead to irritation and constriction of nerves and tendons in the area.

Rest is the primarily indicated treatment for tennis elbow, as the very nature of the injury results in overuse. Constant icing is also an accepted treatment, and can greatly reduce inflammation and irritation to the lateral epicondyle. Palm-up lifting is a good practice to engage in to avoid irritation as well. Anti-inflammatories may be necessary, but bracing is also an important treatment. Counterforce braces are designed specifically for tennis elbow sufferers, and they are designed to put pressure on the muscle so that it would not pull so much on the connections to the bone.

Surgery for tennis elbow is a short affair, of about twenty minutes. The affected area is opened surgically, and after the scar tissue affecting the area is removed, as well as any bone spurs or prominences leading to irritation. Small holes are drilled in the bone so that it will bleed nutrient rich blood into the wound area and promote healing. Following surgery, two to three weeks of immobilization in a brace will be necessary before a regimen of therapy is begun, which will last for two to three months. This type of procedure has an 80% success rate.

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  1. I work with my hands . So I have been told I need surgery. Is their anything I can do to. Push it off i can not be out for 3 months?

  2. Brace for three weeks? Run from them, they are not up to date. You have to move it from the recovery room for success!

  3. Fuck letting a surgeon cut you open. If physiotherapy doesn't work, try using prescription growth hormone from an anti- aging clinic. As a last resort, stem cells would definitely be worth a shot. NEVER GET SURGERY!

  4. I had this surgery yesterday. I was not told about a brace, and I was told to have physio within the week. Why were my instructions so vastly different from these ones?

  5. question dr? why my orthopedic surgeon want put to me a cast in my left arm because i have lateral epicondylitis he said to me i need to rest that. if necessary use that for recover? i well understand my question. thanks

  6. Hello good morning ,Ill just asking if i can still undergo elbow surgery even though 14 years ago the accident happened?

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  8. My tennis elbow pain generates from my neck. Idk how but it does. I would turn left and the pain on my left hand would go away. It's not like pain shooting down from my neck to my elbow, just the outer elbow area. I've had it for 2 weeks now and I think it's getting better, kind of.🤔. 1 more week and I'm going to a chiro.🤕

  9. here's a few suggestions about ways to treat tennis elbow
    try ice packs to the affected region
    consuming celery can be beneficial
    take omega-3 supplements
    use a hot potato pack to reduce pain
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  10. I just had surgery on my right arm, tendon release and was told to keep using my arm as the pain allows and was given physio exercises 3 days after op. hope I'm not doing any damage? I am having the plaster removed in a few days.

  11. There are several ideas concerning ways to treat tennis elbow
    apply ice packs on the affected region
    consuming celery can be beneficial
    try omega-3 supplements
    try a hot potato pack to help pain
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  14. I just had this surgery ,but did not get the splint you talked about ,is that something that varies from doctor to doctor?

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  16. If the surgery is not successful, how's the pain after those 3-4 months, worse or better? I have tennis elbow for one year, tried everything: rest, ice, physical therapy , ultrasound, Graston, tried also the Flexbar and got flares using it. I just had my third cortisone shot and will try therapy again for two months; after that I'm planing to have surgery. My pain is only 2-3 out of 10.

  17. Hi Doctor.  I have an object in my elbow that moves around.  It came from a car accident and it's been getting bigger.  I don't believe it's a bone.  How painful would this be to remove?  It's free floating.  Secondly, how much blood would I be dealing with?

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  20. I'm 13 and I've had it from going to the gym and having a bad form but if I got the surgery would it be bad for me

  21. my physiotherapist said to apply heating on the tennis elbow is this OK or icing and what should be the preventation

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  28. need help your opinion, I have tennis elbow got injured from construction job..3 months theraphy massage but still pain..do I need a surgery?

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