Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a very painful condition on the outside of the elbow from an overuse injury. It can be caused from several sports or even overuse on your computer or iPad. These stretches and exercises should help. See Doctor Jo’s blog post about this at:

The first set of exercises will loosen up the muscles, try not to push through pain, just get a slight stretch. You can prop your arm on a table and let your wrist hand off or you can hold it up in the air. Make a fist with your hand with your palm down. At your wrist, bend your wrist up to work the muscles in extension, and then bend it down to stretch the muscles in flexion. Then turn your fist to the side with the thumb toward the ceiling for a radial and ulnar deviation movement going up and down. Finally, with your palm open and your elbow by your side, turn your forearm up with the palm up in supination, and then turn it down into pronation. Do all of these about ten times.

Now for some exercises, you can use a soup can or resistive bands if you have some, but start off with something light. Go back to your flexion and extension movement, and go slow and controlled with this. Do about ten of these. Now grab a hammer or something that is top heavy to give you an extra stretch with overpressure. You will do your supination and pronation now with the hammer. Do ten of these.

For stretching, put your arm straight out in front of you. With your palm down, bend your wrist down with overpressure from your other hand. If this is not enough of a stretch, curl your fingers into a fist and do the same stretch. Hold these for 30 seconds, and do three of them.

Finally, roll up a towel and hold it straight out in front of you. Now you will twist at your wrist, like you are giving gas to a motorcycle. Try to keep the tension tight on the towel. You can also buy a Theraband Flexbar for more resistance.

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Tennis Elbow Stretches & Exercises:

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  1. Purchase a printable worksheet with the Tennis Elbow Stretches & Exercises in this video here:
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  2. Would this work for gymnastics? Let me explain. So, I’m a gymnast. And whenever I do this skill that mostly involves elbow strength my elbows start hurting super bad even though I am doing it correctly. I don’t know if it’s my elbow not being strong enough, or my elbow all tense

  3. Hello I am in a lot of pain even after my injection. How many times per day do I do these exercises and for how many days or week?

  4. Hey thanks so much for the advice! I've had my injury since Sept/Oct '19, and started doing these exercises the past few days. I know everyone's different, but do you think a longer term injury like mine will benefit? My work I think may be hindering my progress! Many thanks 🙂

  5. Thank you thank you thank you doctor Jo… for this exercises i have lots of pain in my elbow but now I am feeling more comfortable very easy exercises and very effective great video ever

  6. In which fase can i do these exercises best to relieve pain? Can i do them always? Im currently resting my elbow/forearm as much as possible because my forearm feels kinda numb and overworked.

  7. Quick question, doing the stretch going straight out with the arm and moving your fingers downward, this does stretch for me, but should I also move the fingers up, when I do move my wrist upward, it is very painful at the elbow.

  8. Hi i would like to ask if what treatment do i do to my elbow the scenario is when i shoot a basketball and over extend may arm some part of my inner elbow getting hurt everytime i over extend it..

  9. Very helpful. Never realised you could curl your fingers round when stretching 4:30 , that helps hugely as i could never get that stretch well in the past. Thanks <3

  10. I have distal biceps tendonitis.would reversing the wrist upwards instead of downwards for the stretch work for that?

  11. Thank you, Jo. Perhaps the laymen's term for lateral epicondylitis should be changed to tennis/pickleball elbow 🙂

  12. I've been struggling with this for months. Probably the only dude here that got it from a machete though. Anyway I didn't realize I was doing the stretch wrong until I saw this. It already feels WAY better thank you!

  13. Thank you. Two doctors and 12 months later, I finally know what's wrong and have a way to treat it. Stretches already working and I'm going to be sure to do them before and after work every day.

  14. Oh my gosh I can’t believe these simple stretches helped my elbow pain go away within minutes! You saved my basketball season and weightlifting training

  15. Had this issue a few years ago and needed a refresher on the exercises. After one set I already feel a difference. Thank you! Cute doggo, too!

  16. my left wrist is completely limp. I can feel all my fingers but my left wrist is limp. I slept on my hand accidently, help please

  17. Hi Dr. Jo, I've been using the Theraband bar (Red) for 3 days now using Tyler twists for LE of my right elbow. My affected elbow is now sore from the work out. Question: should I take a break for a day or so until the soreness goes away, or should I keep doing the Tyler twists every day for the entire treatment period?

  18. Hi Dr. Jo. Thank you so much for your awesome videos!!! I wanted to ask…when I am resting my elbow, should I keep my arm in a bent position or keep it straight.

  19. Thank you for this video Dr. Joe. It is really excellent. I do have a question. How many times a week can I do these exercises specifically the ones that involve a weight and hammer?

  20. I was doing kettlebell front squats and then bicep curls and just before class ended, I got lateral epicondylitis pain. This happened yesterday morning. It is in my non-dominant arm. When can I start up these exercises? Some things feel good already. But, weighted curl with can, hurts a lot lol!


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